WhatsApp Download For PC Windows 10,8,7

The WhatsApp desktop app presents a new way to stay in contact anywhere, anytime. This app can be used on your phone or PC at home or work. The WhatsApp messaging app is widely used all over the world.

About WhatsApp

This desktop app is made available for operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 10 and macOS 10.9 or above versions. The app is synced with WhatsApp over your mobile device. Since this app operates natively on your desktop, it is necessary that you would have support for the native desktop notifications, excellent keyboard shortcuts, and many more.

Once the Whatsapp download apk is done, you have to scan the QR code by the use of the WhatsApp app installed on your phone. Similar to Download WhatsApp Web, this new desktop app allows you easily manage among friends and family while your phone is in a pocket. The WhatsApp is accessible for the mobile platforms on Android and iPhone / iOS.

Whatsapp download for pc

Key details of WhatsApp for PC

  • Send the message among your friends and family when your phone is in your pocket
  • There are 2 updates within the last 6 months
  • The present version comes with 0 flags on VirusTotal
  • This app is available on Android and iOS


  • The WhatsApp Web is free to use and it is devoid of ads.
  • This app presents secured end-to-end communications. All the WhatsApp messages are secured through end-to-end encryption via the signal protocol of the Open Whisper Systems.
  • The WhatsApp for PC is connected to your mobile phone number. This Windows version of the app makes use of your phone to validate your account. When the process of setup is going on, you will be asked to utilize the QR scanner in this app on your phone.
  • It comes with individual and group chat features.


The Whatsapp does not come with every feature seen in the mobile version. Contrasting the mobile version of this app, you could not establish a person-to-person voice or the video calls with the WhatsApp desktop app.

It comes with Facebook data concerns. In accordance with how Facebook has and has not secured its users’ data, the users of this app might be justified in being concerned about the ways in which WhatsApp is securing their account information.

Requirement of Whatsapp for PC

Requirement of Whatsapp for PC

Below are the requirements of WhatsApp application for PCs:

  • A WhatsApp account installed on your phone, it is not required to install a new account.
  • Availability of an internet connection for your phone and computer
  • The recent version of Microsoft Edge, Safari Google Chrome, Opera, or Mozilla

Once all the requirements are fulfilled, proceed with the below steps:

Step-1: Open the web.whatsapp.com from your computer.

Step-2: Now you have to open WhatsApp on your phone and then tap on WhatsApp Web from the shown menu.

Step-3: In this step, you have to scan the QR code shown on your computer screen.

Step-4: Go to the official WhatsApp download page (https://www.whatsapp.com/download/ ) and choose the particular version for Mac or Windows 8 or advanced version.

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Final Thought On WhatsApp Download For PC

The Whatsapp is the most commonly used app and it can be accessed on the phone as well as PC. The requirements of this app are quite simple and it is easy to use.

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