How to Download Apps in Laptop – Download and Install [2023]

The procedure of Downloading and Installing Apps in laptop and Desktop is identical. This is because both laptop and desktop use OS (Operating Systems) identically.

Are you fed up with using your smartphone for everything and wish to access your desired apps on your laptop?

If yes then you are in luck. The process to download APP on your laptop is straightforward. The following guide familiarizes you with how to download APP, install APP, use APP installer, access Google APP, install your desired APP on Windows Operating System or Mac, and much more.

However, you need to first know the types of APPs and then you can proceed with a suitable downloading approach.

The following section guides you with an overview on various types of APPs.

Types of APPs:

Before diving deep into the step-by-step process to download APP, it is important to understand various types of apps existing in the market.

Mainly, there are two types of apps i.e. Windows Store apps and desktop apps. Let’s go through their details.

i. Desktop Apps

Desktop apps are the usual conventional applications which you download and install on your laptop, similar tothe way you will on a smartphone.

Note that the process to install these apps on your laptop doesn’t need an Internet connection. Typically, they come with more features compared to their web counterparts. For example, desktop apps include Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, and VLC Media Player.

ii. Windows Store Apps

Windows Store apps are created to operate on Windows 8 and 10 operating systems. You can download these apps from the Microsoft Store. Commonly, they are optimized for touchscreens.

Moreover, these apps are lightweight and operate on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The examples include Windows Store apps include Candy Crush, Skype, and Spotify.

If you are using Windows Operating System and wish to download APP then after reading the present Tutorial you will never ask again about “How to Download and Apps in Laptop“.

Downloading Apps [For Windows Operating System]

If you are currently using a Laptop with Windows Operating System, then there are two famous options available to Download Applicants/Apps on your Laptop. Let’s go through the details of these options.

Option 1: Download apps from “Microsoft Store”

In every windows OS, you will find the “Microsoft Store” or windows store being pre-installed. If you aim to download APP and also install APP then you must first know how to search it. Well, you need todo Find/Search and Download Apps for FREE (similar to Google Play on Android as well as App Store on IOS).

If our APP is Available within the Microsoft Store then you can easily Download and Install The APP.

Here is an overview on detailed process that you need to follow to download APP on your laptop from Microsoft Store.

In your browser, open Microsoft Store by visiting Note that you can also access it on your device by using Start button or Windows key, and then scrolling down to find the Microsoft Store. In case, you find issues opening the APP, you can use the following tips for opening Microsoft Store.

You can click on the search bar at the top part of the screen to easily find the APP you want. In case you don’t have an APP in mind then you can explore by category including Kids & family, Business, Health and fitness, and many more. After you’ve found your preferred APP, click on Get or Install.

Option 2: Download apps from “Web/Web Sites”

You may aim to use APP installer but if Microsoft Store is not pre-installed in your Windows OS in laptop then you can either use websites or web to Download and Install your Applicationswithin your Windows Computer. Now there you mustsearch for your App using either Google or directly visit the Official website.

The above method can Install Appswhich aren’t available in “Microsoft store”. But you should be careful and always install those Apps from Official or Trusted Websites. Now let’s go through the exact steps to download APP, install APP using Microsoft store.

How to Download / Install Apps using Microsoft Store

If you are looking for Downloading and Installing apps from Microsoft Store then you can follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Store

Step 2: Search For your App

Step 3: Click Install Button

Step 4: Find your desired App in the Windows Start APP list.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Store [ Download Apps in Laptop ]

If you are aiming for Downloading and installing APP from “Microsoft Store”, first of all, you must open Microsoft Store.

Now to open Microsoft Store in your Windows Operating System in laptop, you can either Search “Microsoft Store” or find it inside your APP list. However, we still advise you to Search for ‘Microsoft Store’ in your Windows Operating System. The reason is it is simple and faster to find your Apps.

Step 2: Search For your App

After loading”Microsoft Store” in Windows Operating System, you can look at multiple Apps there. Now you can use the “Search Option” from the top portion and Search your APP. Alternatively, you can browse various Apps from various categories if you like.

Keep in mind that you must Login with a Microsoft account to use Microsoft Store in Windows Operating System in your laptop.

microsoft store – 1

Step 3: Click Install Button [ Installing Software ]

After finding your App in Microsoft Store, the next step is to click on it and through “Install” button. This step lets you install desired programs in your Laptop.

After you’ve clicked on the “Install” Button, Microsoft Store will begin Downloading your App. You need to wait to finish the process of download APP. Now immediately after that, you will see a “Open” or “Run” button.

If you are can’t locate “Open” or “Run” button or in case you can’t run your App from there, the solution is to try Open the App from APP List.

Step 4: Find your App in the Windows Start APP list

After you have successfully completed the process of downloading and installing your App from Microsoft Store, you are allowed to access your App from Start Button.

From there, you can either look for that inside your APP list or search and open your Open you app in a Laptop.

Suppose you are using a Windows Operating System but you Microsoft Store is not installed in your OS/laptop. It may happen that you can’t find your Application in Microsoft Store.

In such cases we recommend you to implement 2nbd Method i.e. “How to Download Apps using Web Browser”.

How to Download / Install Apps using Web Browser

If you want to install Apps from Web-Brower within your Windows Operating System, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Start your Web Browser.

Step 2: Open Google, you need to search for your App.

(For example, Spotify EXE Download for Windows)

Step 3: Choose a link from Google Results.

Step 4: Find and click on Download Button.

Step 5: Run the EXE/MSI file.

Step 6: Directly follow the Installation Wizard Instructions.

Step 7: Run your Application through Desktop Shortcuts or from Start Button.

Step 1: Open your Web Browser [To download Apps in Laptop]

If you wish to download and Install Apps (Applications) from the Web, you will require a Web Browser from where you would download the Installer or Executable Files for Windows Operating System. Hence, you must open the Web Browser (like Firefox/Chrome /Edge any One).

Step 2: in Google, Search for your App

Usually, in majority of Web Browsers, the Default Search Engine used is Google. Thus, you must search for your apps on Google. From there, you can search for your APP by simply typing your App name with EXE download written the end. Here, EXE stands for Executable files. Hence, after specifying, this Search engine could suggest links which can Download the EXE or Executable file for your Windows system.

Step 3: Select a link from Google Results

After you have searched for your Apps inside Google i.e. on Google Play on Android or App Store, you will see tons of results associated to your Search Query.

Now from there, you mustchoose a Link (We recommend you to choose the Official Website to Install Apps from the Web).

Step 4: Find and click the Download Button

After you have selected a Link from Google Search Results, you would be redirected to your chosen website/link.

From there, you must look out for the Download button.

Your App Download will begin automatically immediately after clicking that Download Button.

(You can hit Ctrl+J to open Browser’s Downloads Page).

Step 5: Run the EXE/MSI file

After you have successfully downloaded your EXE/MSI Executable or Installer file, you must Double click and then Install that Downloaded APP in your Windows Matching or Laptop.

Step 6: Follow the Installation Wizard Instructions

After you have run the Installer, you will see an installation wizard that will ask you to accept T&C, Location for APP, and more. Simply follow the instructions and go ahead using NEXT button.

Step 7: Run your Application using Desktop Shortcuts or from Start Button

After you have successfully completed the process of installing the APP, you would see a Short-Cut on your desktop. You can either run your APP from there or Search for the same APP from Start Button.

How to Download / Install Apps on Mac?

The process to download APP on Mac is bit different from that on Windows. But, it is still a simple process if you follow these easy steps:

Step-1: Open App Store

The APP Store is the place where you can find all the available apps to download on your Mac. If you want to open it, you need to click on the Launchpad icon on Dock and then click on the APP Store icon.

Step-2: Search for Apps

After you are in the APP Store, you can easily browse for apps with the help of the tabs at the upper part of the page. Also, you can search for particular apps through the search bar in the upper right corner of the page.

Step 3: Download and Installation of The App

After you have found your desired app which you want to download, you need to click on the “Get” or “Install” button to proceed with download and install app on your Mac. This app will show up in your Applications folder after it’s installed.

Step 4: Launch the APP

To complete this final step, you can open your Applications folder and then browse for the APP by name. Now double-click on the APP to open it, and that’s it!

Unable to Download Apps?

It is possible that most websites nowadays redirects users from a page to another while you click the Download link.

You can’t do much about it; however, you can always use Official websites to download apps. While you use Official Websites to Download Apps, it happens that there are more chances that you can download the APP easily. The reason is you don’t have to handle Page Redirects ETC.

Suppose that you don’t know the official Website or apps only present on Third-party Website.

In this case, I recommend you to use fileHippoTo download apps.

The reason is file hippo is FREE and you can download almost allApps from there.

Unable to Install Apps?

It happens that after Downloading the APP you couldn’t Install the APP. In such case, you need to ascertain that

APP is Compatible with your Machine

When you download any APP from the Internet, there are 2 options available i.e. 32-bit and 64-bit.

Hence, you need to download the APP as per your Machine.

For example, if you are using a64-bit Machine/Laptop then you couldRun both 32-bit as well as 64-bit Apps. If you are using 32-bit Machine and you have already downloaded 64-bit APP then you can’t install it on your Computer.

Hence, you need to make sure you are Downloading and Installing a Compatible App.

APP is Designed for your Operating System

When Downloading your App, you must ascertain that you are Downloading .exe or .msi file. The reason is if you try to download and install MAC or Android App in your PC, it will not Work.

Hence, when you are Downloading an APP make sure its Windows APP.

How to Download Apps in Laptop – Download and Install : Conclusion

The process to download APP and install APP on your laptop is easy and straightforward. Whether you are using Mac or Windows, you can conveniently download and install your desired apps on your laptop. All you need to do is follow the easy steps that we have discussed above. Subsequently, you will be able to use your APP in no time.

If you found any issues when downloading or installing any app on your Windows Operating System or Mac, you can check that app’s website or the App Store/Microsoft Store or support pages to learn troubleshooting tips.

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FAQs on How to Download Apps in Laptop – Download and Install

Q. Is it possible to download any APP on my laptop?

Yes, you can download an APP which you want if it’s compatible with your laptop’s OS.

Q. Is an Internet connection required to download apps on my laptop?

In case you’re downloading any desktop app then an Internet connection is not required to download APP and install APP. But, if you are downloading a Mac App Store app or Windows Store, you would require an Internet connection.

Q. Can I download apps from sources except the APP Store or Microsoft Store?

Yes, you can easily download apps from sources other than the App Store or Microsoft Store. However, we recommend you to only download from reputable sources to stay away from viruses or malware.

Q. Can I use the same APP on both my smartphone and laptop?

The answer to this question depends on the APP. Some apps are compatible with both laptops and smartphones. On the other hand, certain apps are developed specially for use on one device only. Make sure to check for this aspect before you download and install APP.

Q. Can I delete an APP from my laptop after I have installed it?

Yes, you can easily delete an APP from a laptop after you have installed it. All you need to do is find the APP in your Applications folder or Start menu and right-click on it to uninstall it.

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