Oppo A37f Flash File & Tool | Flash Oppo A37F

Whenever your Oppo A37f is bricked or wish to unlock this device then the flash stock ROM on this device would unbrick it again. Once you flash the firmware on this device, it would easily eliminate all the software based concerns.

After you download oppo a37f flash file, Oppo A37F firmware as well as the drivers from the below section, you will be successful in your intention. Following the below sections will assist you with dead oppo a37f flashing.

In the method described below, there will be the use of edl mode or download mode in order to flash the device’s flash file. Irrespective of your device being able to boot or not, you can go for this universal flashing method. It will easily unbrick this mobile from Oppo.

There are no doubts or hassles in the functioning of the method. Hence, you are able to apply the oppo a37 flash tool download process on your device. First of all, let’s take a look at the benefits of oppo a37 flash tool:

Benefits to flash firmware on Oppo A37F

Listed below are the benefits:

  • Unbrick Oppo A37F by flashing official rom
  • Installation of Oppo A37F firmware for removal of frp lock
  • Work out on the network related concerns on Oppo A37F
  • Resolve software related concerns on Oppo A37F
  • Unlock Oppo A37F with the help of flash Oppo A37F flash file
  • Upgrade or downgrade android version on this device
  • Oppo A37f vibrate only after flashing – fix

Download Oppo A37F flash File and Tool

To download Oppo A37F Flash File With Tool, go through the below link:


To download Oppo A37F tool [Loader], go through the below link:


How to flash firmware on Oppo A37F

To flash oppo a37f firmware, you just need to execute all the steps as mentioned. Prior to the installation of the oppo a37f stock ROM on the device, it is vital to understand the process first and then implement it on your own device.

In the process of oppo a37f firmware download, your device will be either used in the edl mode or bootloader mode. Following these steps carefully would successfully accomplish the flash firmware on this device.

Instruction to flash Oppo A37F flash file (firmware)

Follow below instructions that will assist you with the oppo a37f flash file and tool download:

  • Initially, boot this device into Download mode. To do that, you need to press and hold the volume up key and down key simultaneously. Now, you need to attach it with your PC through USB cable.
  • Check properly whether the device is connected with your PC into the edl mode. To do that follow the below navigation path:
  • My Computer> Right click & choose Manager>> Device Manager – Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008

flash firmware on Oppo A37F

  • In case you are incapable to detect the device into this mode, you need to get familiar with the installation process of Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008 driver. When your device is connected into edl mode with your PC, proceed to further step.
  • Now go for the download and installation processes of the Oppo A37F USB drivers.
  • Next, go for the oppo a37f flash tool free download from the above download section.
  • You need to extract the downloaded firmware on your pc.

oppo a37f flash tool free download

  • Once this is done, launch the A37fEX_11_A.07_160614 folder and run the exe download in form of an administrator.

oppo a37f flash tool free download

  • Now you need to click over the Verify button in order to verify the device which is connected.

Oppo A37f Flash File & Tool

  • Finally, click on “START” button in order to flash the firmware. This process would take several minutes to wait till the process completes on your Oppo A37f mobile. When the process would be completed, you would observe the successful message in green. This will finally accomplish the flashing successfully. Now unplug device and you just need to reboot it as usual.

Oppo A37f Flash File & Tool

When you follow the above instructions, there are many important points to consider, they are discussed below:

  • Your device should be booted in either EDl mode or download mode.
  • In case you are not successful to watch the “Qualcomm HS-USB Qdloader 9008” inside your device manager, it is necessary to install Qualcomm driver correctly.
  • This method can be utilized to flash normal or dead soft brick Oppo A37f device.

Follow the below points regarding troubleshooting in case you are unsuccessful to flash this tool:

  • Check properly that your device is appropriately booted into edl mode.
  • Make sure the device is properly connected with your PC into edl mode. In case the device is not connected, proceed for the installation of either Qualcomm drivers or Qualcomm HS-USB Qloader 9008 driver.

In case the If MSM 8×39 download tool does not work properly or in case the Start button is unable to respond then you need to go for the download of the Msmdownload tool loader and then move it inside the Oppo A37f firmware folder.


It is vital to unbrick or unlock the Oppo A37F tool and in such cases, the oppo a37 flash tool works like a miracle. All the steps and processes are quite straightforward to flash this tool and remove the concerns.

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