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People normally searching for an am2r download link, am2r for window PC, am2r for android, am2r latest version download link etc. Let’s start with step by step guide to download am2r.

What is AM2r?

AM2R stands for Another Metroid 2 Remake. It is basically an action-adventure type of video game which is developed by Milton Guasti under the pseudonym DoctorM64, and it was launched during August of 2016 for Windows system.

Essentially, it is an unofficial, improved remake of GameBoy game by Nintendo entitled as Metroid II: Return of Samus (1991)because it borrows the art style as well as an overall feeling of a popular Game Boy Advance game entitled Metroid: Zero Mission (2004).

The am2r APK is now available for download. If you are interested in gaming, you should have am2r download because the working of the game is interesting. This game follows Samus Aran, a person who targets to destroy the scrounging Metroids from their home planet SR388.

AM2R Download for PC/Android/Mac

The popularity of the game is such that several video game journalists have appreciated this game, often regarding it as impressive and they also commented on the enhanced visuals as compared to the visuals of the original Metroid II; however some users considered that the conditions needed to conquer battles against Metroids were very particular taking in mind how frequently they take place.

While you play this game, you would represent Samus Aran once more. Moreover, you would need to face off the opposition of latest developments of the Metroids inside the bottom of planet SR388.

In addition to that, you would also live an added development of Metroidvania wherein you would need to run across windy scenarios with help of only a map to direct you because it is produced on the spot.

As you proceed along the path, you would perceive improvements for equipment as well as suit that would permit you to cross obstacles that happen unintentionally.

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The reason why Nintendo has actually not released an official version to download am2r for PC is very simple. It is because they simply do not develop games for Windows or several other platforms. However, you can yet relish the appealing video game right on your computer without requiring purchasing a Nintendo console to play this game.

You can simply proceed with the download of AM2R, recognized as a replica of Nintendo’s Metroid, and later you can play it on any of your Windows PC or even on Mac computer.

Features of AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake)

The present PC adaptation of Metroid conveys similar features that users liked on NES. However, users can now expect several latest features too. Let’s have a look at its features:

  • The game has zero mission style.
  • Its map system permits easy exploration.
  • The new areas found in the game offers motivation to continue playing.
  • There is challenging fights throughout this game which encourages users to play well.
  • The updated and new enemies let the game play to be very exciting as compared to the original game.
  • It comes with stackable beam systems.
  • The game comes with wonderful sound quality and certain amazing tracks that will engross you inside the game.
  • It comes with high-quality graphics and performs very well on PC too. It is found that the scenes load very fast. In this game, ships, backgrounds, bosses, enemies, and many other game elements are created to deliver a prosperous gaming experience for Metroid’s fans.
  • The game comes with many latest features, like a map system, redone graphics, and music, as well as new areas and minibosses. Its controls were modified to be less “floaty”, in sequence with the gameplay of further titles within the series.

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Download Am2r For Windows, Linux, Mac, And Android

Actually, the game has been withdrawn after Nintendo directed an official DMCA warning. But, the good news is that users are still allowed to play the game like Nintendo game for your MAC, PC or Android.

For that, it is required to download one older version of the game right from a torrent and then install it right on your PC. After successful AM2R download for PC or Android or MAC, you could play the game on any device with any operating system.  Let’s have a look at its download process for different operating systems:

Find AM2R Download for Pc

In order to have am2r 1.1 download or its latest version for PC, it is necessary for you to download the following torrent. This link is the official link provided to have the latest version of the game for PC.

Am2r Download For PC

Apart from that, you could even download the game with the help of the unofficial torrent got from the below link:

Am2r 1.1 download by torrent

In order to download a torrent file, a user needs to first install a torrent client on PC. Once a torrent app is installed, go to Add Torrent > Add from URL or anything identical based on the type of torrent client you are currently using.

Download Am2r for Android, Mac, and Linux

With a purpose to download the game for operating systems like Mac, Linux, and Android, just download it from the am2r download link provided in each section below.

Am2r Download Android Version

For am2r android download, first, download the Nintendo NES game for Android. You need to visit the link given below and take the APK file.

Download Link

After am2r android is completed by downloading the .APK file, just transfers it to any of your Android devices. For purpose of installing the file, just turn off ‘Install from unknown sources’. This option is present in Settings >Security on your device. After you have enabled installation from unknown sources, just open the particular APK file on any of your Android device.

It happens that the file would ask for some permission so simply grant these permissions and then complete the installation of am2r download android.

Am2r Download Mac Version

To play am2r mac, you need to simply get a Mac version of the famous NES game as mentioned in the below link.

Mac Version Download Link

The game’s versions 1.0 and 1.1 can be obtained from the above link.

Am2r Download Linux Version

To play the game on Linux, you can just use the below links to download two distinct versions of the game.

For Version 1.1:

Download Link

For Version 1.0:

Download Link

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Now the question of how to play AM2r is solved because all the methods described above suggest an easy download of the game on different operating systems. Thus just have am2r download and enjoy the seamless playing of the game.

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