Download Psiphon 3 Build 141 Free For Windows 10, 8 and 7

Sometimes your internet service provider blocks certain exceptional services from you. This prevents you from visiting or using any website that is not advantageous for them. In these types of cases, Psiphon will help a lot. Initially, Psiphon released as an Android app allowing the user to utilize the internet exceeding the normal limits. Its popularity among the Android users turned so high that some people even started finding ways regarding how to use it on PC.

Basically, Psiphon is a circumvention tool belonging from Psiphon Inc. and it utilizes SSH, VPN, and HTTP Proxy technology to facilitate you with free access to the online content. The intention behind the designing of Psiphon is to serve you with open access to online content. You may consider it as an online security tool.

In the present time, the Psiphon is made accessible on the PC platform also. Its computer version is referred to as Psiphon 3. It is quite easy to perform Psiphon 3 free download for your computer with different OS like Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or XP.

Psiphon 3 build 141 free downloads

Psiphon 3 Software Details

For proceeding towards the Psiphon download or you may say download Psiphon 3, look at the below software details:

App Download Version Psiphon 3
App by Psiphon Inc.
File Size 4.74 MB
OS Requirement Windows 7/8.1/10 (All Versions)


Psiphon 3 features

The features of Psiphon 3 are specially designed to present the finest internet browsing experience. Take a look at the features of the Psiphon 3:

Two mode VPN tunneling

In this app, there is a total of two modes of VPN tunneling. One of them is dedicated for a browser-only mode that allows only the Psiphon native browser to carry out the free internet browsing experience. Another mode is the Whole-Device VPN tunneling which provides your device and app with access to the VPN treatment.

Free and open-sourced

The Psiphon 3 app and all its fundamental products are open-source and free to use. This feature represents the liberty provided by the developers; hence, after you complete Psiphon download, you would enjoy the internet browsing activities to its complete extent.

In-App stats

The In-App stats feature is dedicated to supervising the data usage as well as the traffic statistics of your online activities. It will assist a lot whenever you are utilizing an allocated data plan. In case you use limited data usage which requires effective control, this feature needs to be used.

Free Accessibility

Psiphon is widely accessible to all and it is completely free to use the VPN service provider. It is found that this is one of the most reliable applications to maintain the secrecy of your online activity. The cause behind why a VPN service provider should be reliable is that even if they store all the data from the government and hackers, the app’s data is saved on the VPN platform.

Secure surfing through public Wi-Fi

It is a good idea to use the free internet but the stolen accounts and cookies are actually not. The Psiphon download offers you a secure path to the Internet, irrespective of the network you are utilizing to connect. You can use the VPN (whole-device) mode to select whether to only use a web browser or select whether to tunnel everything. The in-app stats inform you about the amount of traffic utilized. Since it is free for personal use, the users can directly contact the Psiphon’s developers for corporate licensing.

Psiphon 3 APK free download latest version

For different Windows based OS, the Psiphon free download for windows 7 and Psiphon download for Windows 10 will help in most cases. There are no issues regarding the Psiphon 3 free download because you just need to follow the below link for the Psiphon download. You just need to follow the suggested steps to freely download this great app on your computer without worrying about OS.


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Psiphon 3 is very useful as it allows you to access all the desired content on the web. Whenever you want to include some additional privacy protection to your internet browser, this app is useful. Whenever you are utilizing the internet from public Wi-Fi, this app offers excellent protection.

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