What Happen To All Major “Game Of Thrones” Character in Finale

In the finale find out what Happen To All Major “Game Of Thrones” Character.

Bran Stark (Game of Thrones)

bran game of thrones

In a game of thrones. Apart from his preliminary title of Bran the Broken, it is known that Bran Stark in game of thrones was started getting known by a nickname i.e. the Quiet King. He hardly ever organized public events. When he organized court to hear appeals from his issues, his responses and judgments were frequently succinct.

Though his sovereignty was not fully free from war (there was actually a tiny Dothraki invasion from Essos, leaded by a Khal who was enthused by Dany’s journey. Moreover, the same was supported by the Iron Bank after the latest Master of Coin attained some debt), every dispute was resolute with minimum bloodshed. After all, it’s tough to silently approach on armed forces that are serving a divine king.

The kingdom and life of Bran was long and it continued for several winters. This allowed him to attain the third nickname during his later years; the nickname was Bran the Ancient.

Meanwhile, he abandoned the throne and announced the election of a new monarch, everyone was uncertain about his age. However, maesters at the time approximated that he was more than 100 years old.

During his final command, his Kingsguard took him to the Gods Eye. It is basically a lake enclosed in haze that was believed to be cursed. However, it was also believed to have an island at the middle with a whole orchard of weirwood trees.

Lately, when his guard saw him, actually, he was on a tiny boat, fading into the mist. Although Northerners pledged they would frequently see preys with blue-white eyes floating on the Winterfell’s walls for several years thereafter.

Sansa Stark

sansa game of thrones

Sansa got fame as the “Wise Wolf,” in the game of thrones and she commanded as Queen within the North until her demise several years later. It was that time when she dedicated to join up and restore the great houses of the North, which was actually destroyed by the attack of the Night King.

House Umber never redeemed, and so the Last Hearth turned out to be a monument — at the order of Queen Sansa. The intention behind the same is that the terrors of the Long Night and the comeback of the Night King are never elapsed.

Sansa hardly ever abandoned the North during her kingdom and she decided to send preys  or call Tyrion to Winterfell. It is probable that the misery that watching King’s Landing conveyed her was the cause. However, when being inquired, she always reverted that it was extremely warm in the South.

She had kids and continued the Stark heredity but Sansa appreciated the eventual request of Tyrion Lannister prior to his demise. Moreover, she summoned for a new queen or king in the North to be designated. The name of a new queen chosen was a lady of House Mormont — known as a cousin of LyannaMormont who was a superman of the Battle of Ice and Fire.

Also, she was designated as the new queen and she turned out to be the foremost monarch of the North which was actually not a Stark.


arya game of thrones

Arya cruised west, and the last anybody listened of her was actually from one eventual prey sent directly from her ship. It was reported to Sansa that land has been spotted and everything will be fine.

Jon Snow (Game Of Thrones)

jon game of thrones

There was not much known about Jon Snow. He was actually to be entitled Commander of the Night’s Watch; however, he claimed on leading a tour north of the Wall to rule the Wildlings again to their homes. In this matter, he said that I had always desired to be a warden though.

Actually, he was anticipated back after the duration of six weeks. After the passage of a few years, Jon Snow who was known by many names like Queenslayer, the White Wolf, Jon the Undying, the Bastard King, and probably the King Beyond the Wall intended to return.

The subsequent stories among the Wildlings suggest info about a leader who found out a new settlement within the North. Also, he spent his subsequent years venturing into the wilds, communicating with the Children of the Forest and ultimately registering their history.

Grey Worm

grey worm game of thrones

Grey Worm (also known as TorgoNudho) cruised with the Unsullied towards Naath with a promise to defend the peace lover Naathi from any subsequent attacks by slobbers. The Unsullied trapped the first tour and only a few were left alive to return them back with a note to never return Naath.

The slobbers came back with a mercenary army that the Unsullied conquered without defeating a single warrior. During the third time when the slavers came back, there was promise to never again convey slaves from Naath. Also, there was an offer to explore trade for goods.

The Unsullied keep on watching till the time last of them were passed away. However, Grey Worm relinquished his command earlier than that. Inspired by the peace lover Naathi and the reminiscence of Missandei, he promised to never do violence anymore and he also altered his name to Arlinio.

For the remaining days of his life, he may be seen residing near the beach, leasing transportation to and fro the mainland. Also, he was an expert at cracking jokes.


sam game of thrones

Sam progressed to the Citadel and finally, he became the head archmaester of the Order of Maesters. During that point of time, he calmed several of the Citadel’s rules. Since he was the last of his House, Sam made it certain to endorse a real democratic election for the novel leader of what previously known as House Tarly.

However, people voted for him and therefore, he was elected as the younger Sam in the form of the new monarch of the House. Gilly served as warden.

Finally, Sam penned his own history, modifying ArchmaesterEbrose’s A Song of Ice and Fire to let it little interesting.


tyrion game of thrones

When the things settled in Westeros, the foremost diplomatic trip of Tyrion was to Essos. The trip was intended to meet with Daario inside Meereen. He could have conveyed pillage to inform Daario regarding Dany’s demise. However, he thought that it would better to convey the message personally.

With the permission of Bran, Tyrion waited for a while and assisted to set up and maintain a new government. He thought that he incurred it to Dany for all his faults.

Tyrion continued a friendship with Sansa, often he visited Winterfell even though he disliked the cold. During the time when he reached the Wall, Jon had already abandoned. Tyrion “pissed off the edge of the world” in his tribute.

Tyrion was presented Casterly Rock, nevertheless found the reminiscence of his family very agonizing to be a reminiscence of so often. Henceforth, a new head of House Lannister was chosen.

It was because of the cirrhosis of the liver that Tyrion died at a younger age than the majority of his friends. On his deathbed, he retorted, “I assumed I must have seen this coming.”


brienne game of thrones

Ser Brienne of Tarth used her designation as leader of the Kingsguard to lobby Bran to formally permit females to be champions. He gratified. After that till now, numerous women have worked in the militaries of the Great Houses.

Moreover, many have also worked as a portion of the Kingsguard with guidance from Brienne. Actually, Brienne never married, and Podrick too never married. Nevertheless, the two worked with tribute for several years and finally retired jointly as friends.


drogon game of thrones

Being extremely sorrowful due to the demise of his mother and brothers, Drogon escaped far from Westeros and offered Daenerys an appropriate dragon committal in the remnants of Valyria.

Except for Bran nobody knew where he gone and after a moment even Bran was clueless about the same. However, few of the natives of Essos pledged they listened to his screams during night. These screams echo till the Shadowlands.

Ser Davos and Gendry

After a consignment as Master of Ships, Davos was weary due to the fast-moving life in King’s Landing and submitted his resignation.

After that, he came to Storm’s End, the place where he worked Gendry in form of a valued advisor for the remaining part of his life.

Regarding Gendry, he got married and had kids soon after he became lord of Storm’s End. Nevertheless, he always kept detectives towards the west coast of Westeros, with the unclear order to “lookout for a lone ship.” Furthermore, he was having a tendency of analyzing people’s faces very personally for the remaining part of his life.


bronn game of thrones

Bronn became successful to get all of the whorehouses re-established.

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