How to View Private Instagram Profiles (Working Methods)

Facing problem to view private Instagram profiles. Let us help you with the best option to view private Instagram accounts. Similar to many prevalent social networks present on the web, Instagram consist of the comprehensive suite of privacy applications which are capable to let you protect your account from unwanted people.

If you are attempting to hide your Instagram photo collections from other people, future managers, or any other snooping eyes you want to conceal from, it is usually wise to keep the most of your social network accounts private— including your Instagram page. The private Instagram account is beneficial in many ways.

Through the help of protected profile, your private Instagram account would be unable to be viewed by the public, and so you would need to approve followers one by one, assisting you to manage who could and could not view your content.

In this article, you will know how to view private Instagram profiles.

Instagram is a social platform that allows public sharing, and it is not much public of a network as something similar to Twitter, which primarily facilitates public posts as well as interaction.

But, what to do if you wish to see Instagram profile as private? Some persons even wish that no one should view their private account without the knowledge? They’re not easy answers to these questions, there are some methods to solve it.

After that, you can effectively see private Instagram accounts and can access a private Instagram account.

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How to See Private Instagram Profile

How to View Private Instagram Profile?

Now we will discuss how to view private Instagram profiles. There are situations when you stand across a particular Instagram account which contains posts that are not for public viewing, they let it private where merely accepted followers could view their upcoming posts. There are many methods to see private profiles.

After that, you can also view Instagram pictures, Instagram photos, and Instagram videos. When you get access to private Instagram profile, you can view a profile of a colleague or a friend. The coming sections will highlight methods to see the profile.

Methods to view private Instagram profile

How To See Private Instagram Profile: Methods

1. Use of Instagram Private Profile Viewer

This is the first method in this post which focuses on use of in order to view private accounts. In order to get started, usually, you will require the private account full URL, for instance: should be absolute which you would require to enter on its platform. It is not just a profile viewer as you gain some option to download the images as well as videos accurately from the private account.

The method can be considered as one of the Instagram tools to view private Instagram profile.

2. Make a fake ID

If you wish to see somebody’s private account on Instagram, then making of a fake account could be a suitable alternative. Actually, it is against the manners and ethics; however, it could be away. You need to follow the below steps in order to make an account that could be accepted in order that you could view somebody’s private Instagram profile.
• First make a fake Instagram profile, depicting a female’s photo. It’s female because if you wish to look at the private female Instagram account then the finest method is to make a bogus Instagram account of a female. Usually, the male accounts can be easily viewed because a majority of the males do not maintain privacy settings over their accounts. Also, on the other hand, watching the female accounts is very tough.
• Now you need to try making the account real through the help of uploading real images of a girl’s interest. Showcasing a female’s image in the profile as well as an appealing real background of profile would increase odds of receiving the follower request accepted.
• You can even let the account private in order that the coming person would feel inquisitive to accept your request. You need to attempt to be a decent person by directing a timely request.
• After you are completed with every setting as well as basic uploads, you need to send a follower request directly to your special person as well as wait for the response.
• In case the request does not get approved, you can even send a private message with authentic words in form of a female account holder. In this manner, you can watch somebody’s private Instagram.

3. Try Instagram profile viewer tools

Whenever you search on Google for methods to watch private Instagram profiles then it would depict infinite results of guides and solutions—including this one. However, this would even direct you to many websites with doubtful names that publicize the capability to see private profiles in some simple steps.

You can try an option to watch private Instagram profiles/images without following by the use of some tool to view Instagram profiles. There are lots of online tools available wherein you can easily watch private Instagram accounts. However, you need to do this at your own risk.

This is because the majority of the websites are actually a scam and they could use your personal information in an illegal way. Such tools could be effectively used to watch the hidden images of the restricted accounts and also allows to find hidden Instagram profiles free.

Follow the below steps:
Visit online Instagram profile viewer apps like

Private Instagram Viewer

Instagram Private Profile Viewer 1

Instagram Private profile Viewer 2

Whenever you visit these sites, you would be inquired to mention your Instagram username. Now, choose if you wish to download the images or watch now based on your choice.
• It is known that this step is somewhat risky and it might require some personal information.
• Once you have completed following the fundamental steps, you would be directed directly to the private account from where you could download the content or you could view it online.
• It is a fact that these particular sites or apps could never be downloaded. So, each time you need to visit online with the help of your preferred browser in order to see pictures of Instagram.

4. Attempt Searching Their Username

This method is considered as a quick tip, and eventually, it may not lead you to a lengthy procedure to get someone’s information on the Instagram platform. You need to log into Instagram and then just look for the target that you want to carry research online. Whenever you find the corresponding account, irrespective of whether locked behind a privacy wall, it happens that you would be allowed to view the Instagram username of the target. You need to highlight that name and just copy it over your device’s clipboard.

This is because this name would be used in a few moments. After that, you need to open up Google Images else the image-based search engines based on your choice and then just paste the Instagram username of your targeted individual inside the search box. Now the further process is simple. It happens that somewhere on the web, a person whom you are looking for has knowingly or unknowingly left a trail of footprints with the web prior to enabling their privacy protection over Instagram.

Usually, the images that are posted on Instagram have been shared at some different place, letting it simple for you to find the target’s images by use of their Instagram ID. In case they have before had some different image accounts on Flickr or identical photo sharing websites, you might retrieve few of that detail within your search. The similar thing applies if the individual’s Facebook is unprotected.

Overall, doing this might not end up attaining you access to a complete Instagram account; however, if you are keen to get certain additional photos of a precise person on the platform of Instagram, by use of their login ID to search images of them uploaded on other sites is actually a simple way to bypass Instagram’s personal privacy protection—this is true even if it is just a temporary fix.

The described methods to view private Instagram profile allow you to keep a spy on any private Instagram account successfully. By use of any of these methods, you can seek private details of anyone’s Instagram account.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles 2019 [ Video Tutorial]

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