10 Best Apps For Texting: iPhone/iPad Apps 2019

In order to stay in touch with friends and family members, texting messaging through iPhone apps for texting is now a common approach. It is true that conventional SMS text messages are no more used. In recent times, people wish to share photos, videos and other media content in addition to text.

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you may need some iPhone text app. In the present time, there are iPhone apps for texting is available, so you may get confused in the first place. iPhone and iPad come with the feature of capability to route a text message. It enables you to text different people from iPad even if you are using an Android smartphone.

Actually, there is a wide range of iPhone apps for texting available currently. So, to know how to find  free iPhone apps for texting take a look below:

Best Apps For Texting: iPhone or iPod

1. Text free with textfree

texting apps for iPod

Textfree is known to be a convincing option for texting if you are using iOS devices. It is one of the best iPhone apps for texting which you can utilize on your devices while getting support for Facebook Chat. The aspect that makes this app unique from the rest is its capability to send/receive phone calls. It is found that this feature is freely available for Textfree to Textfree users.

However, it costs some charges to purchase minutes. You will be benefitted with stability and reliability for texting and attending calls on iPhone based devices.

It provides your personal U.S. phone number for use on every device owned by you. Moreover, it allows you to send pictures, text and group messages. There is the support provided for Emoji with international calling and voicemail features too. Its operation is few with MMS picture message communication.

This allows you to send free images to anyone even though they do not use the Textfree Ultra app. It can flawlessly work with clean interface and simplicity.

2. TextNow Free: Unlimited texting and pictures messaging

TextNow Free apps for texting

The hassles on the way of free texting are now removed with the use of TextNow Free app for texting on iDevices. It gives you the flexibility to use your own number. Actually, you may get only a few amounts of area codes to choose from. But this free text app for iPhone gives you the ability to send pictures and other media contents. Excellent customization is possible through this unlimited texting app for iPod. It is possible to personalize themes, backgrounds and ringtones according to the needs.

You can add Google Voice Integration while using this texting app. It is quite easy to send/receive text and picture messages on free basis. The included technology makes use of a combination of Wi-Fi and cellular for calling and texting. It means that this free texting app serves you with affordable plans.

You can easily send messages and do calling on your tablet or computer. Later, you may access them via your phone. In addition to iOS, TextNow Free is made available on Android, Windows, Mac OS Z, and online at its website.

3. Textplus free text+calls: free texting/ free phone calling/ worldwide messenger

Textplus free text+calls: free texting

Now it is quite simple to perform free texting with group text and also with the chat room communities. The Textplus free iPhone apps for texting is recognized as the original text messaging third-party app. This app benefits you to send free text messages, picture messages, and a free U.S. phone number.

This free iPhone apps for texting provides messaging to any U.S. or Canadian number. This includes pictures, text, or group chat. There are no problems to operate this app on Wi-Fi; therefore, you need not to require a cellular connection. It is possible to make a free call to anybody who has installed the Textplus app.

In case you already have iPad, iPod touch, or several other devices which you do not wish to link with your cellular device then textPlus is useful. This is because it enables you to transform the particular device into a phone. Whenever cellular coverage is weak, TextPlus is very useful to make calling in an affordable manner.

You gain the flexibility to change your number at any time and you can also choose t from any area code.  There are no issues to send unlimited SMS & MMS to any Canadian or US number. It is quite easy to create and receive group chats through any friend.

4. Messagey

Now you can easily customize your free SMS/MMS experience with the help of Messagey app. There is no need of guessing because your every contact would have their personal background picture and sounds. In addition to text, you can send/receive picture message and many other media content. You may use the iPhone camera as the background.

This free apps for texting for iPhone comes with the fully customizable backgrounds as well as ringtones. It is important to know that you would get 3 months of pro through this purchase. Later on, you can choose from the elite ad-supported version.

Regular use of Messagey will surprise you with its easy to use functionalities and lots of benefits. This app is specially designed for use in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So, it allows anyone to send texts on a free basis to US mobiles. There is the facility of extra features like personalized backgrounds for SMS.

5. Yak Messenger

You will be surprised to see how free texting is simplified with this app –Yak Messenger. There are many things that you may do with this app including group chats, sending pictures, video, and reading of receipts. It also offers features like location mapping and a see-through background to text while walking. When you begin using Yak Messenger text app iPhone regularly, you will be benefited with the customization.

It is easy to make customization in colors of speech bubbles, backgrounds, passcode settings, contact blocking, etc. In recent times, the YAK Messenger is known to be the fastest and fully functional reliable app. It is one of the most reliable Instant Messenger available on the App Store.

There is no additional cost to perform group chats, send images or movies or voice messages, read receipts, location maps, full contact/group management, and a route finder. Moreover, there will be no charges for SMS or MMS.

This messenger app allows you to find friends automatically in your phones contact list in which this app is already installed. It comes with the privacy features like deleting messages from chats, deleting media sent/received, hiding your details, passcode protection, contact blocking, and many more. It is easy to alter all your alert tones through the application, alter the speech bubbles’ colors, and set the preferred background image.

6. Textie Messaging

text free apps for the iPhone

Textie Messaging app is found to be the unlimited texting and photo application used for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It allows the user to freely send text message regardless of they have an app installed on their device or not.  It is easy to send text messages to other Textie users on a free basis. It is true that this text free apps for texting for iPhone are ad-supported, but the included ads can be removed for $1.99.

The need of fast and secure messaging is extreme in the present times. These requirements are being met by Textie Messaging. It is a quick, beautiful, secure, and simple to use messaging app. You may consider the app as a natural extension to your iPhone.

In this texting app, all the messages are free, so you may send text, pictures, and videos without paying anything. Its operation is independent of your existing SMS plan. Hence, you can use the Textie Messaging app on a free basis from any part in the world.

7. Animoticons+Emoji Pro

There are many iPhone and iPad users who just like Emojis. In its free version, fewer emojis are available.  In this texting app, there are approximately 850 Animoticons and this app can be easily found on the app store. There are many new features packed in this emojis app that makes it the best free texting apps for iPhone. It is now possible to share animoticons with different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

It is quite simple to include “Recent” page in order to record your new animoticons. Also, you can add a “Search” page for searching animoticons. Through a single tap, you can easily share emails and MMS text messages. Right from simple text message to multimedia message, everything is free to share.

With the use of this app, it is simple to emoji keyboard. When you use this app, you would not need anything else to send emojis and other text messages.

8. FunMail Free text messaging

You can show your feelings, messages and emotions in a new way through the FunMail app. This app is found to be the free app used extensively for unlimited texts and picture. In addition to text and picture, the app allows you to send images according to your choice along with the text included over it. The FunMail texting app iPhone basically allows the user to send free private group messaging as well as pre-made images.

It is easy to add more than 5,000 images freely in different styles. These include graphic, funny, scenic, cute, miscellaneous, and many more. If need arises then you can easily begin a conversation with anyone through this texting app. It is easy to get involved in the live conversations through the advanced VISUAL MESSAGING platform available on FunMail.

The process to create an elegant picture message and send the same to any phone or email address is now easy. You will be saved from the expensive bills because it is completely free to use FunMail. There are no fees involved with SMS or MMS to make app-to-app conversations. Its downloading process is easy, quick and free.

9. Pinch iMessenger

For texting an iOS-based device, the Pinch iMessengar is a suitable application. Its interface is user-friendly and offers many new features. This app is free to use and found to be extremely engaging. Basically, it is a cross-platform phone Messenger service allowing you to make good interactions with your friends and family.

The texting app for iPhone comes with the location-based mobile social networking functionalities that present great fun. It facilitates instant group communication in an easy way. It is free to send messages to your non Pinch friends too and you can chat with them. You can make a shift from SMS to Pinch and can communicate with them over handset platforms.

It is one of the best functional text message apps for iPhone since it presents location-based messaging. You can effortlessly locate friends around you on maps through location pins. Moreover, you also get directions to meet them and can register places traveled. It is easy to share social updates wherever you are located. It comes with the facilities of promotions and contests, so you may win prizes.

When you are looking to save your money, the Pinch iMessenger is a suitable option. This is because there are no hidden costs, so it is free to use. After being downloaded, you could use it to communicate in your own way. It is possible to send a huge mass of messages per day to your Pinch friends on free basis. This app can be connected to an internet connection or Wi-Fi connection.

10. TextMe 2

Out of many texting apps for iPhone, TextMe 2 is regarded as a famous free texting app for iPhone. It is one quickest free app for texting for iPhone available on the app store. Apart from texting, it is quite easy to make free voice and video calling. Also, you can make free calls to any U.S. based number.

To your friends, you can easily send text, image, voice, and video at free of cost. It is found that free texting with TextMe 2 is available for any number present inside 40+ countries. In the TextMe 2 iPhone text app, there are many other features included like Facebook integration, 367 free smilies & Emojis, and delivered/read notifications.

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All the discussed iPhone apps for texting will assist you greatly to send different kinds of media contents and messages to your friends and family. These texting apps for iPhone / iPod are freely available and they are easy to use anywhere without any issues.

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