15 Best Hookup Apps For Android and iOS Users 2019 (New Updated List)

Looking for the best hookup apps for Android. Let me guide with popular hookup apps for you. Are you interested in slightly moving out from your regular life and make your smartphone a unique piece of entertainment?

If yes, then there are many new hookup apps presently available in the market. In order to get unique entertainment out from the hectic life, the hookup apps promise to make your time special. Through these hookup apps, you can meet the partner of your choice.

In the contemporary era of technology, it is indisputable that the internet can do some pretty wonderful things. Hence, you can use the power of internet technology to find a partner.

One of the best ways is to use the best hookup apps. The app serves fast service and helps you match your desired choice of partner.

There are many recently launched hook-up apps which are very helpful in getting you a partner in almost no time. However, it is known that for amateurs it can be difficult to find the perfect hook-up apps.

There are many best free hookup apps available which provide reliable service in letting you find a partner.

The best hookup apps 2019 works seamlessly on android and ios system, so most of the people do not find any inconvenience in using the apps Let’s have a look at the finest hookup apps for android and ios users.

15 Best Hookup Apps For Android and iPhone Users

1. Tinder

tinder hookup app

Tinder is certainly one of the best hookup apps in the world of online dating. Compatible on Android and iOS, users of both these system can use the app without any hassle. It is found that the app has a simple set up and also users can filter various contacts based on several aspects. Moreover, users can custom settings as per their preferences. The best aspect is that after filling the required details, the app depicts matching rates with other contacts as well.

2. Pure

There are no monotonous texting and courtship practices involved in this hookup app. Recognized as one among the top hookup apps, the service from this app removes the user’s info each hour and prides on anonymity similar to Ashley Madison. Users need not worry regarding photos lingering on the internet, and also everybody present online on the app is keenly looking for an instant hookup.

The appealing feature of the hookup app is that it is completely encrypted and safe. Link

3. OkCupid

OKCupid Hookup apps android

OkCupid is a type of best hook-up app which lets you find your partner on the basis of your lifestyle, interest and caste. It is a great Hookup apps android device because it works seamlessly on Android. Also, it works well on iOS platform. The app come with different tools which function to enhance the dating process and the app owns a large number of followers as well. It is known that any adult can use this app and can start a single conversion right from the chat option.

4. Hinge

hinge hook-up app

This hook-up app was developed with a purpose to find a suitable soul mate and the purpose worked well. You can also log in with your Facebook account to use this app. Hinge will display lots of contacts and so-called ‘soul-mates’ on every noon. It is found that these matches will be chosen from the vast number of mutual friends as well as their friend’s circle. Impeccable for iOS and Android users, the app has tight security system as well.

5. Feeld (formerly 3nder)

Best hookup apps for Android

Feeld is one of the best hookup apps for Android and iOS system, with the base of providing threesome entertainment. Have you always desired to have a threesome but till now you never had the right persons to do it with? Well, Feeld merges the simplicity of swiping through a dating app with the idea that three persons can play. Its platform is quite straightforward and you can log in through Facebook. Moreover, you can select the composition of your group (either 2+1 or 1+1+1), and then swipe away.

6. Blendr

blendr Best hookup apps for Android

Similar to its name, Blendr app proves to be a decent blending machine of singles present nearby. The hookup app has more than 190 million users, so its popularity is extensive. The app functions to track your location and lets you find the single people nearby. Essentially, it is a local app and allows you to find nearby dates. In order to get rapid results and flirty conversations, this hookup app is just perfect.

7. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish Ios hookup apps

Those people looking for the contemporary iOS hookup apps and hookup apps for Android, they must have a look at this app. As implied from its name, the app allows you to catch single fish that is ready to mingle. The app has a database of 70 million users and it allows you to get the perfect single soul from the crowd. It is entirely free to use and allows you to create a basic profile with details like your interest, hobbies, talents, etc. Link


skout Hookup apps android or iOS

Whenever a person is in search of the finest Hookup apps android or iOS system, SKOUT is one among them. The app is basically a locality-based which works to find a suitable partner according to your location. SKOUT allows you to create an appealing profile in a manner to filter the finest companion which suits your profile.  You can establish a flirty conversation, exchanging gifts to one another, sharing images, videos and many more. The app offers various features for paid users such as ‘Travel option’ as well as ‘shake to chat’.

9. Whiplr

whiplr best free hookup app for Android

 Whiplr is renowned for its chat messenger that comes with a twist. The hookup app is one of the best free hookup app for Android and iOS users, and it enables to establish an impeccable partner belonging from your community. The app is basically a locality-based app, and users can chat, share images and videos with people. Furthermore, it depicts profiles with comprehensive information and lets your chats be kept personal.

10. Grindr

best free hookup app for Android

Grindr is identified as a hookup app which has been designed solely for the gay people. The working of the app is such that it would assist gay people to search their suitable partner in the close by locality with merely a single flick. It is known that the app is very simple to start with, and you just need to mention your basic info as well as picture. The basic features of this app are free; however, in order to use exclusive features of this app, register as a paid user.

11. Hitch

hitch dating app

The app needs your Facebook accounts to log into. It is a type of fun game, wherein you can effortlessly find your partner and your friends as well. There is a facility of staying in a private chatroom wherein you can easily find a hook-up partner for your friends as well. The hookup app does not reveal your information in detail but it would only show your gender and sex.  Link

12. Match.com

android hookup app

The android hookup app is also popular to be used on the iOS system. Are you willing to identify your perfect match rapidly? If yes then match.com proves to be the ideal app for you. Among many different apps, this hookup app provides you the convenience of feeling wonderful dating experience with flirty conversations. Users are asked to enter basic details relating to their hobbies, lifestyles, interests, etc.  Link

11. TikiTalk

android hookup app

As guessed from the name, TikiTalk lets its users to seamlessly converse with different people. The app is basically a fun hook-up app which allows you initiate a conversation with any individual you like. Based on your locality, the app depicts lots of people and also protects your conversations as well as personal messages through the help of strict privacy policy. In order to get an idea of mutual interest and information, the app offers with detailed profile view and information. In case if you wish to not converse with a particular person then you can ignore any person.

14. CMB

cmb dating app

CMB (full name: Coffee Meets Bagel) hookup app which is available for iOS and Android users is perfect for people who are willing to have a quality hook-up partner. In addition to quantity, this hookup app focuses on quality.  You need not to switch between the profiles as this app displays you a single person per day. In this app, you have 24 hours time to approve or reject that individual.

15. Happn

Happn is known to be a free dating app which allows you to rejoice in your monotonous life. The functioning of an app is such that it would allow you to discover like-minded people along with their detailed info. Inside its private chatroom, users can easily search people and can get in touch to know more regarding them. Moreover, you can mention the locality as per your preferences.

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These all are the best hookup apps for Android and iPhone users. Through the progress of technology, there is a trend of people getting used to hook-up apps for experiencing a feeling of new relations.

The best hookup apps are ideal to be with the partner with whom you can relish your time alone.

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