25 Best Sites To Download Free Movies 2019 [New Sites]

Best Sites To Download Free Movies. Be it an after-exam party or a sleepover night out, ‘watching late night movies’ is a must on the bucket list. People often say, “Netflix and chill,” but not everyone can afford (or willing!) to pay the subscription price, right?

So, how to manage the situation when you are craving an 80s’ movie really hard? You download it from the internet, of course. But not all the links up on the internet works perfectly and most of them stores viruses which can perfectly ruin your hardware system for once and for all.

So, how to be on the safe side and download movies at the same time? Well, we are here to find out the best movie download sites.

 What Is Movie Download Sites?

Movie Download Sites are those websites available on the internet from where you can easily download movies. However, there are paid and unpaid sites both. Paid sites are easy to find.

Here, you can pay a certain amount a month and watch all your favorite movies, e.g., Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, Sony Entertainment Video Unlimited, Google Play Movies, etc.

But these sites have two disadvantages– one; you have to pay a good amount to watch and download movies and second, you cannot find each and every movie up on these sites; especially old movies.

Thus, you have to rely on free movie download sites. But free, unpaid and accurate webs to download movies are not easy to find. So, we have listed here 25 best movie download sites to make your work easy.

Movie Download Sites

25 Best Sites To Download Free Movies 2019

  1. Torrent

Torrent or µTorrent is one of the best movie download sites right now. Although it was being shut down for sometimes, it has been reopening now. It is still one of the most trusted sources to download pirated HD movies. All you need is a torrent client like BitTorrent or µTorrent.

  1. Fmovies

Fmovies is another great place to download your favourite HD movies. It is an old and popular site that lets you download movies for free. Not only movies, but you can also download TV series with the help of this site.

  1. WorldFree4U

This is another website from where you can not only download movies, but you can also get free music as well. It has a friendly user interface that helps you search anything at all. Along with Hollywood, this site also has Bollywood, Tamil and Telegu movies in store. Visit site

  1. MyDownloadTube

If you are craving for the taste of some old movies, MyDownloadTube might be the best choice for you. It provides HD and Ultra HD quality movie that completely satisfy your needs; especially if you are a fan of English movies.

  1. XMovies

This is again another website where you can stream movies or any TV shows online. You can also download those movies or TV shows just by clicking the ‘download’ button that appears on the sideline. If you want to download those movies fast, you have to open this site using IDM for a good speed.

  1. MovieScrib

If you are a hardcore Bollywood fan, you will find this website useful for your movie download purpose. MovieScrib website is mostly dedicated to Bollywood movies, and you can find every possible Hindi movie on this site for free downloading.

  1. URGrove

This is another great movie site to download movies; especially if you are looking for a user-friendly interface. Clean designed and perfectly categorized, anyone can easily find movies on this site. Also, you can download your favorite TV series from this site too.

  1. HDPopCorns

Known for the simplicity, HDPopCorn is a great user-friendly website to download movies. With perfect navigation system and design, this website has thousands of movies to download from. Also, you get to select the movie quality you are looking for too.

  1. Gingle

If you do not want to create a profile and go through any tiresome process to download a movie, Gingle is the best-chosen site for you. With access to thousands of movies, Gingle can present the whole Hollywood in your living room. And the best part is, you can also request movies according to your choice.

  1. Movies Crib

You can download any Bollywood, Hollywood, and Marathi movies free from the site named Movies Crib. Also, you can find dubbed movies on this site too. With the great user-friendly interface, this site is one of the best websites if you do not want to handle complicated sites to download movies for free.

  1. CartoonHD

Although it is named as CartoonHD, this website has every other movie up in their storage. It is famous for storing more than 70k movies and 6k TV shows. You can decide which movies to watch and which to download. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily download from this site and that too free of cost.

  1. Divx Crawler

If you are looking for movies with fast speed, Divx Crawler is the site. You can find great quality movies on this site, and you can easily download it with high speed. Along with HD movies, you can also find movies with less size too. Mostly, Hollywood movies can be found on this site.

  1. HD Movies Point

HD Movies Point is that website that seems like a big festival for movies; be it Hollywood or Bollywood movies. Not only movies, but you can also download anime movies and TV shows too. Also, you do not have to spend a buck for these downloads. You can choose the right size for your download; you can go as low as 300 MB and as high as 1 or 2 GB.

  1. Pagal World Movies

Pagal World Movies is one of the biggest websites where people can share videos. Thus, you can easily videos, movies and TV shows of your choice upon this site easily. This is a famous site among Indians where every other Bollywood movies are present. You can download Hollywood movies from this site too.

  1. MKVCinema

This is another website from where you can easily download hundreds of movies without the need of registering or opening a profile. From action movies to drama, you will find every type of movies on this site, MKVCinema.

  1. TV Box

TVBox is one of the best movie download sites where you can easily watch thousands of TV shows, anime movies and normal Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It has a great user-friendly interface which does not need any registration process. It is not only user-friendly but also provides high speed for downloading movies too.

  1. MyCoolMoviez

If you are in need of a well-organized movie download site without any hassle, MyCoolMoviez is the one choice for you. Although it shows lots of pop-up ads, it is the one perfect site where you can easily find movies and TV series both. It provides fast speed while downloading movies too.

  1. Tube Plus

If you are into the old era, Tube Plus is a perfect site that can stream all your nostalgia online. Tube Plus perfectly lets you download every other old movie with the perfect quality. Also, you can find recent movies too, depending on your choice.

  1. Go Movies

It does not matter whether you want to watch comedy dramas or thrilling adventures; Go Movies has everything up their sleeves. Here at Go Movies, you can easily download movies without any prior sign-in or registration or surveys. All you have to do is to click on the site and download movies for free.

  1. House Movie

From now on, you do not have to worry about another house party because House Movie is here. With the help of House Movie site, you can download movies for free of cost. Not only movies, from TV shows to anime cartoons, you can get a whole bunch of package from House Movie.

  1. 99HDFlims

Although 99HDFlims is a new site, it offers a good range of free movies. Easy download process and no sign-in make this site a real win-win. From Hollywood to every kind of Indian movies, 99HDFlims has it all. Not only movies, you can also download TV shows with the help of 99HDFlims. However, it does not provide you with download link; it needs a torrent client to download the movies.

  1. FTMovie

If you are a big fan of HD films, you can easily download it from FTMovie. It provides you with all Hollywood and Bollywood movies which are available in HD quality. The website layout is simple and user-friendly too.

  1. CYRO

If you are looking for one of the popular sites to download free movies, Cyro will provide the perfect content. It has a minimum number of ads and no tiresome download process is there to bug you.

  1. FullMoviez

This site is specially made for all free Hollywood movies. You can browse every other English movie on this site and download it without any hassle. You can also get dubbed Hollywood movies too.

  1. MySuperMoviez

My Super Moviez is another great site to download and stream movies for absolutely free. It is the best site to find recent movies. Also, you can find many great TV series up on this website too.


These 25 websites are the best of all the free movie downloading sites. So, stream it and download it. Happy Downloading!

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