70 Kickass Proxy and Mirror Torrent Sites: Kickass Torrent

List of Kickass proxy and mirror torrent sites. Torrent is our life savior! Whether it is a rainy Sunday evening or the craving of watching the new-released movie online or free download of music, TV shows, music etc, Kickass proxy and mirror torrent sites and KAT proxy sites are there for us always.

But after 2016’s horror of arresting Torrent’s owner, people have gone little sketchy, and they have understood the necessity of having some mirror sites on hand as well.

Also, Torrent is blocked or restricted in many countries because of governmental problems, despite its popularity. Also, find out top 25 best torrent sites

So, here we have listed 70 other kickass torrent proxy and mirror sites to help you out in time of distress or enjoy KAT Unblocked experience. Have a look.

Kickass Torrent Mirror Sites

70 Kickass Proxy and Mirror Torrent Sites


One of the best KAT proxy servers of the kickass torrent! With a KAT unblocked or friendly user interface, this kickass torrent site provides you with the best database to download your favorite movies from. This KAT proxy site is handy and completely virus free and popular option for kickass torrent users. Also, you will find all the HD files without any hassle up here.


Another great mirror site of the Kickass torrent (KAT) that can provide you with the best kind of HD movies! This kickass torrent site was founded in 2009, and it will provide you with high download speed and free download as well. It is perfectly user-friendly for torrent users or allows them KAT Unblocked experience. However, it could be banned or blocked in many countries, but you can always use a VPN to get access.


This mirror and proxy site of the kickass torrent is one of the best ones to download movies from. However, due to banning issues, the site’s name now has been changed from .com to .cc. Now it is providing a KAT Unblocked experience and It is user-friendly, and you will get all the recent movies from this torrent site easily.


If you are searching for a versatile proxy and mirror site of Kickass Torrent(KAT), The Pirate Bay is the perfect example. In 2018, this torrent site is the most famous ones among the proxy sites. Also, you can find cheats of games and software from this KAT site as well. It is also available in 30 different languages as well.


If you are looking for a proxy site to download TV show series for free, EZTV is the one. It has a great torrent user interface with a useful search bar, and you can easily search for your chosen TV series or movies without any hassle. Also, it provides you magnetic links to other websites as well.


This kickass torrent site was founded in 2016 and within two years, it has gained quite a popularity among the movie buffs. From games to movies, you can easily find anything up on this torrent site. Also, this KAT site has different sections where you can bookmark your favorite movies or series to find later.


This torrent site is quite new in the field for Kickass Torrent proxy and mirror site, but it is already popular among the peers. You can download movies for free, TV series, music, games from this torrent site. Also, it has many categories to find your desired show from too. It has a friendly user interface that can be handled without any hassle.


A really handy kickass torrent site with loads to download from! All you have to do is to open a premium account on this site, and you can download any movies or TV series as you wish.


Although it was started as a Bulgarian tracker, it has now become quite a famous and useful torrent site to download movies from. It was first blocked in the UK; however, that ban has been lifted(unblocked). It is a user-friendly site from where you can easily download movies in HD.


A great mirror site of the kickass torrent! And in the list of newly launched KAT mirror/proxy sites, this mirror site has topped the list of the most famous ones and also providing KAT Unblocked experience. Easy navigation and HD files are the main attractions of this KAT siteS.


This is also one of best kickass torrent proxy and mirror site. Interesting homepage and amazing collection of movies, this kickass torrent proxy site are surely one of the best kickass torrent proxy sites online. You can easily search for the HD files of your movies on this site.


With 85 lakh torrent files with approx. 40 crores seeds, this kickass torrent site is an amazing kickass proxy or mirror site of Kickass Torrent. This torrent site has got at least two visitors per second.


It is an amazing kickass torrent proxy/mirror site where you can check the user ratings and enjoy KAT Unblocked experience. It has great database collection along with quality.


If you are looking for a torrent verified files KAT site, you can definitely go for this torrent site. Absolutely verified and spam free, this kickass torrent website is one of the best mirror sites to download movies. According to Alexa, this site has a rank of 7k. So, if you are fed up with virus affected files, this is the best torrent site you should go for.


A perfect kickass torrent proxy and mirror site of Torrent to get all your games without any hassle! You will get every other game on this site. Also, it has different categories to choose your desired game from.


It is a fast torrent site from where you can easily download torrent verified files without any kind of hassle. Along with high download speed, this kickass torrent site has spam free HD quality files too.


If you are looking for an easily available and fast torrent mirror site of the Kickass torrent, FreeProxy is a perfect choice for torrent users. TV series, movies, games of different genres, you can download anything from this. It is user-friendly and has a high download speed.

18. YTS.AG

If you are looking for an instant download option, YTS.AG is there for you. You will get perfectly verified files from this torrent site, and the interface is quite user-friendly as well.


From music to movies, you can download literally anything from this kickass torrent mirror site Zooqle. Along with user-friendly interface, this kickass torrent site has3 million verified users!


You can search for any torrent file on this kickass mirror site even by just putting the hash-tag up. All you have to do is to register your name and have fun!

List of Kickass Proxy and Mirror Sites

21. https://thekickass.ch/

22. https://kickasstor.ch/

23. https://thekat.nz/

24. https://kickass2.ch/

25. https://kickassz.com/


26. https://kat2.org/

27. https://kat.co.nz/

28. https://kickass2.nz/

29. https://thekat.nz/

30. https://kat.com.se/

31. https://kickass2.eu/

32. https://mykickass.de/

33. https://thekickass.org/

34. https://lovekat.org/

35. https://kickassto.org/

36. https://thekat.info/

37. https://kat.fun/

38. https://akickass.com/

39. https://kickass2.info/

40. https://katcr.co/

41. http://kickasstorrents.video/

42. https://kickass.immunicity.cab/

43. https://kickass.ukunblock.pro/

44. https://kat.sitescrack.info/

45. https://kickass.unlockproj.review/

46. https://kickass-cd.bypassed.cool/

47. http://katcr.to/

48. https://kickass-cd.pbproxy.red/

49. https://unblocktorrent.com/kickass-proxy-unblock/

50. https://kickass.unlockproject.co/

51. https://katcr.co

52. http://kickasstorrents.video/

53. https://kat.proxybit.loan/

54. https://kickass.cd/

55. http://kickass.unblockme.eu/

56. http://kickass.mx/

57. https://kickass.immunicity.st/

58. https://kat.sitescrack.pw/

59. https://proxyindex.net/

60. https://kickasstorrents.stream/

61. https://kickass.ink/

62. https://unblocktorrent.com/kickass-proxy-unblock/

63. https://kickass.unlockproj.accountant

64. https://kat.am/

65. https://kickass.unlockproj.party/

66. https://kickass.skillproxy.org/

67. https://dustorrent.com/

68. https://kickass.webypass.xyz/

69. http://katproxy.press/

70. https://kickass.cm/


So, do not be on hiatus because the torrent is gone. Check out these amazing kickass proxy and mirror sites of the kickass torrent and KAT proxy to brighten up your days again. Happy Watching

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