20 Free Anime Streaming Websites To Watch Anime Online (Updated)

There are many people who like to watch anime online, for those people there are a bunch of options for best anime streaming websites where they can watch anime online without any hassle of payment or issues in streaming data.

These free anime streaming websites help you to find useful anime to watch online at your convenience through live streaming or you can download it and save on your system for later use.

Here is a compilation of top 20 best anime streaming sites which will help you to watch anime online. These sites not only provide you with the complete list of anime to watch but also provide the most popular anime on the list.

These free anime sites don’t ask for a login or registration and are solely anime websites with no options for other video streaming data.

We are arranging the best anime sites list in the order of quality of anime to watch and the number of anime in the database.

20 Free Anime Streaming Websites To Watch Anime Online

Best Free Anime Streaming Websites

1) 9anime.to


9anime.to is recently new to the market and is a subsidiary website of 9movies.to which is for movies and TV series. It is one the best site to watch anime online. It has nearly no ads option and will provide you with free streaming anime to watch online or download them.

They have a huge collection of both subbed and dubbed popular anime series in multiple video qualities i.e. 360p, 480p, 720p, so anime lovers can watch as per their internet speed.

For those anime fanatics, who pride themselves on having a large collection of anime, 9anime also has an option to download the streaming anime, you just have to click on the episode you want to watch and then select the option for download that’s present at the bottom of the embedded screen.

2) KissAnime.ru

KissAnime is the most popular site to watch anime online and is known as the king of anime websites. It has a huge collection of all versions of anime and is known for updating their database in 24 hours of a new episode being released.

It has a large number of a loyal fan base who have been watching free anime online through KissAnime for generations and is rated very highly in popularity ranking among anime buffs.

It’s customized to utilize less bandwidth and the whole website loads completely in 10 short seconds. The site has video options to load your favorite anime in any of the quality versions i.e. 240p to 1080p.

The site, however, runs with JavaScript and thus won’t work for mini browsers but there is an online app available on Google Play Store which lets you stream anime online on your favorite devices.

It is the best site for streaming anime online but for downloading the episodes you may need to register.


3) Chia-anime.tv

Chia-anime is one of the best free anime sites. It will have access to all the anime from all the time and will let you stream the latest ones free of cost. The site is known for its high-update rate and will upload new episodes 10 times faster than other websites. It offers subbed version of latest anime in high video quality to be streamed online or to be downloaded from a website, which is easily downloadable through a single click.


 4) AnimeSeason.com

There are many users that are a fan of this free online anime streaming website and are quite reassured by the quality it promises. The website offers a quality scrolling experience with a well-polished and user-friendly interface which is pleasing to the eye. The site also has options to disable ads which frees you from wasting time on these irritating ads.

It has an ad-free anime experience. It has an embedded video player which lets you watch your favorite anime with captions and titles with them.

The site has a left pane which has anime category and alphabetically ordering which will quickly locate your favorite anime and will let you stream them online.

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5) Masterani.me

It is considered as best anime streaming website with a colorful and user-friendly GUI. The site is a premium platform for anime buffs, it provides them with a superb layout to explore their anime series.

The series options comes with a thumbnail and part synopsis. You can over the series you want to watch and go through its synopsis. It has a review system which lets you find new anime based on your old choices. As the content has been awarded star ratings, you can easily find a highly rated series. The embedded video player does play ads first, but once it gets over which is soon, the video plays seamlessly.


6) Animestreams.Tv

Animestreams is an easy to use and ad-free site to watch online anime series. It provides you with an ad-free and continuous streaming data with no hassle about constantly popping ads or flying banners. It has subbed versions of all your favourite anime and also if you are looking for dubbed anime in English animestreams will provide you with that.

Animestream also has an option of a google lookup form which you can fill with your anime of choice and they will upload it on demand.

For anime lovers who have to traverse different websites to search for their favorite anime now can easily demand it here.

7) Gogoanime.com

Gogoanime.com is one of the best anime streaming site that lets you watch anime for free. It offers you all the episodes of Japanese anime in English subtitles.

Anime lovers who don’t know Japanese, look for free anime sites which have properly synced English subtitles. The site is filled with all your popular anime and is constantly updated to keep up with the amount of anime released every day.

Not only that Gogoanime also has an app on Google play store and on iPhone store which lets you watch your favorite anime on your Android devices or iPhone, IPad.


8) AnimeFreak.Tv

AnimeFreak has a category for your latest and most popular anime. If you are looking for new anime, AnimeFreak will provide you with a list of most recent and popular anime series that you can watch online for free.

It has segregated its anime on the basis of a genre so you can browse through your favorite genre to look for your kind of anime.

It also has a unique option to read manga with the anime series, not every free anime streaming site has that option. So now you can easily read manga with their newest platform.

9) watch-anime.net

Watch-anime has a clean and very simple interface and is the best website to watch anime. It has a calm exterior which to its users feel not rushed and hence become easy to use and navigate.

It makes anime easier to navigate and looking for an anime has never been any easier. It also has a huge collection of popular anime movies for users to stream online for free and manga too.


10) Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is known for its superior quality content and they have all kinds of anime in their databases with both subbed and dubbed versions.

It is similar to a premium website where some anime is available for free and others are available when you register for the site for an ad-free experience. The site offers 14-day free trial period for its premium membership.


11) TubiTv

TubeiTV a legally free anime website which has quite a good collection of anime series for its countless users. New anime is added on a weekly basis to the existing database.

Though the anime catalog changes as per the location, so you can register for free and search the collection as per your convenience, all this free of cost.

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Viewster anime streaming

12) Viewster

It has been a movie streaming website that has been promoting itself as best anime streaming site online. New anime is added on a weekly basis. The collection changes as per the location so you may find several options in US and very few in Australia.

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AnimeLab anime streaming

13) AnimeLab

AnimeLab is mainly for countries Australia and New Zealand. It has free quality content and is one of the best streaming sites online in these countries. It’s a legal free anime site where you can explore and find new anime of your preference.

hulu anime streaming

14) Hulu

Hulu is free streaming anime website which is known for its high-quality video uploads and has a varied collection of anime series and anime movies. The site is unavailable in many countries and is only accessible in Asia and some parts of Europe. For using Hulu in other countries like the US where it’s not accessible readily, you can use VPN to access the website.

Hulu lets you download and save anime to your system, so if you want to expand your anime series collection Hulu is your option.

15) Because

Because is not known for anime series but is an anime search engine where you can search for your preferred anime an then find out the best anime streaming site where you can watch it. There are many free websites that appear in the search which you can use easily.

The homepage and entire interface is user-friendly and very easy to use, you just type in the anime you want to search and click on the search button, the anime finds itself.

16) Funimation

The site is a premium anime streaming website which provides subbed anime free of cost. It holds the official title for legally streaming anime series and every video that you watch on this site in Funimation licensed anime series in both subbed as well as dubbed version.

Subbed versions are available for free to its users, whereas dubbed versions are for its premium users where you will have to register.

17) Daisuki

Daisuki is one of the best anime streaming sites online. Their claim of being newest in anime innovation of Japanese anime production industry.

The site specializes in very popular anime and anime that is rarely known. Daisuki is an official real-time anime streaming site where you can watch real-time anime videos legally, though with only premium membership.

Also with a premium membership, you get access to its unparalleled large collection and also an ad-free experience while anime streaming online.

18) AnimeHaven

AnimeHaven offers high definition quality anime series videos free for use. In less than two years, it has garnered a huge fan following by regular updates and high-quality videos which it offers to its users with no registration or premium membership. The site is also compatible with mobile devices.

Anime Haven offers all kinds of video versions for their users, from low-quality videos (360 p), standard quality videos (480 p) to high-quality videos (720 p).

19) Watch Anime

It is free anime site for English subbed anime series. The site offers a unique option to see at any given time, how many people are logged in and what show they are watching. It also has an added feature of manga, for users who love to read manga too.

The site has a well-managed index which is in alphabetical order and easy to search navigation which is all accessible at no additional costs. It also offers multiple links for the anime series episode you want to watch.

20) MasterAnime

MasterAnime is also a free anime streaming site which markets itself as an anime database with information and data streams in high definition or standard definition. The site has a new release schedule section which tells you exactly in how many hours new episode will be uploaded for a particular show.

If you are an avid anime viewer, you would want to know when to return to watch the latest episode of your favourite show. The site also has a built-in library system which saves all those anime that you have already watched.

As it offers multiple hosts, where you can watch the anime series online, you can set your preferred host.


These all are the best free anime streaming websites. some of them are free and some of them are offering paid content. Try to use subscribe paid anime streaming sites rather than free anime stream sites. If you have any suggestions to add any site to this list then share with us.

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