25 YIFY Proxy and Mirror Sites: YIFY Torrent Sites

List of Yify proxy and mirror sites. I bet you cannot find a single person who does not watch movies in this era of digital media. And the rate of watching movies online has been increased ever since different online movie streaming sites appeared on the surface.

And if you are a movie lover, you have certainly heard of the site named YTS.ag also known as YIFY Movie Torrent site.

Watching movies on YIFY movie torrent sites is the best to place to explore full HD online streaming movies, and the speed of this site is unimaginably fast.

Recently the name of YTS.ag has changed to YIFY movies sites, but the quality of this YIFY torrent site has not reduced at all.

So, if you are searching for a suitable website to stream movies online and download the HD copy as well, YIFY is the best possible site. And after the mishap that happened with Torrent movie sites, lots of people are inclining towards YIFY.

YIFY movie torrent sites have not been in the competitive market for too long. It first uploaded the movie on 2010. Only after the fall of aXXo website, the rise of YIFY happened, and it was named as YTS.ag back then.

And it took around thirty party uploads for YIFY to gain momentum in the market of online movies.

The main motto of this YIFY movie torrent site was to bring Hollywood movies to people wrapped up in a small sized file. And they have successfully done that as well.

YIFY used to use x264 video standard to encode movies which are one-tenth part of a blu-ray disc. And the best part is new movies were updated every hour on this site.

YIFY movie site

And if you can check torrent, you would find 80% of their movie links are of YIFY. This is one of the most popular sites of the torrent as well. Even the Pirate Bay listed 72 YIFY movies in the list of 100 top movies. The demand of this site was quite high because it lets people of slow internet connection download movies easily and that too of HD quality.

YIFY Movie Torrent Site Features are as follows


The speed of YIFY is amazing. It is faster than most of the online movie streaming sites online, and you can download movies even when you are on a slow internet connection.

2. Easy interface

The design of YIFY is sleek and user-friendly as well. Thus, the site of YIFY is quite easy to use. Just put the name of the movie in the search bar, and you will find your favorite movies right away.

3. Quality

Also, you will find HD files on this site as well. You can easily choose a size between 720p and 1080p.

4. Subtitle

Last but not least, you can easily find subtitle of movies on this site. So you do not have to go to other sites to find the subtitle track.

However, YIFY is essentially an illegal movie site which violates the copyrights of the movies. Thus, on the ground of piracy, this movie site has been shut down in many countries by different agencies, ISPs, and governments. Although it has not been shut down in every other country, almost all the western countries are facing the problem of shutting of YIFY right now.

So, if you belong from such a country where YIFY has been shut down, and you cannot access this beautiful site to watch movies easily, we may have some solutions for you. Proxy sites and mirror sites! These proxy and mirror sites maintain a clone of YIFY movie torrent site, and you can watch movies without any hassle. So, let us have a look.

25 Best YIFY Proxy and Mirror Torrent Sites

1.Yify Movies

2. Yify Torrent

3. Yts.sc

4. Yts.ag

5. Yify.is

6. Yifymovies.me

7. Yts.gs

8. YTS Proxy Server

9. YIFY Movies Proxy

10. YIFY Torrent Proxy

11. YTS Movies Proxy

12. Yts unblocked

13. Ytss Unblocked

14. YIFI Proxy

15. YIFY Proxy 1

16. YIFY Proxy 2

17. YIFY Proxy 3

18. YIFY Proxy 4

19. YIFY Proxy 5

20, YIFY Proxy 6

21. Yify Proxy

22. Yts.am

23. Yify.live

24. Yts.unblocked.vc

25. YTS.io

All these YIFY proxy and mirror sites are working, and they provide very good quality movies as well. Also, they have a user-friendly interface so that people won’t find it difficult to use and you can find every other HD quality movie up on these sites.

These YIFY proxy and mirror sites have movie categories to sort out movies and so that users can find them without any kind of hassle.

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So, there’s no need to make a face just that YIFY movie sites are not working for your country. Check out these YIFY torrent proxies or mirror sites and get the best quality of movies to stream online or download for absolutely free. So, choose one or more proxy or mirror sites of YIFY from the list and have fun watching movies!

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