MovieRulz Sites To Download & Watch Free Movies

Today, we are going to discuss some Movierulz sites and MovieRulz Proxy and Mirror sites to watch Tamil movies online for free. Who does not want to watch their favorite movie on a lazy holiday with a pizza by their bedside? I bet there will not be even one person who does not want the same.

And with the advancement of technology and MovieRulz proxy and mirror sites, the way of watching movies have been simplified too; just open up any of your favorite MovieRulz online free movie streaming website and turn the volume up.

But unfortunately, this technique mostly works for languages that are widely used and not for the regional languages.

Thus, for people who want to watch regional language movies like Free Tamil movies online are still digging up websites after websites every day. And amongst all the regional language movies, Tamil or South Indian movies are widely neglected.

best MovieRulz Proxy and Mirror sites

However, to save all the drowning movie lover of Kollywood, free Tamil movie streaming sites came to rescue. Be it Tamil or Telegu or South Indian movies of any kind; you can find all popular Tamil movies up on Movierulz. is one of the best websites to watch Tamil movies online for free. And if you are using this MovieRulz online site for the first time, you do not even need to register your details. With their awesome user-friendly interface, you can easily search for your favorite Tamil or Telegu movies online for free and watch it without any hassle.

Also, the best part of this MovieRulz online movie streaming site is that it is very fast. Thus, you do not need much time to load a movie of HD quality. You can easily find latest released Tamil movies for free up on this MovieRulz site within 2 or 3 weeks of the movie release. It is absolutely free, user-friendly and has a great database that stores hundreds of great Kollywood movies to search your choice from.

best MovieRulz proxy or mirror sites

However, recently people are finding it quite difficult to stream Movierulz site. Many have failed to load up the site, and many have been restricted to enter this online streaming movie site as well.

Also, many recent Tamil movies have been updated on this site. So, if you are looking for a second option in replacement of this online movie streaming site, you are completely reasonable.

So, here we have tried to help you out a little by putting up the list of best MovieRulz proxy or mirror sites. Let us have a look.

MovieRulz Sites To Watch Free Movies Online


One of the finest designed online movie streaming site, has a great user interface to search movies from. You can find all popular Tamil movies easily up on this site. And if you have any problem with this site, you can also chat directly with the support team of this site. Also, you can download the movies from this site as well. And not only Tamil movies, but you can also find any Bollywood or Hollywood movies up on this site. Dubbed and subtitled movies of regional languages are also available. In a nutshell, this movie site is one of the best mirror or proxy site of Movierulz.


From Tamil, Telegu to Bollywood and Hollywood movies, this site has some great collection of regional language movies. It has great speed, and anyone can easily stream Tamil movies online without any hassle. This site is divided into different segments to make it easier for the user. Also, it has a great user-friendly interface from where anyone can easily find a movie. However, the database of this movie streaming is not often updated.


User-friendly interface and huge database– these two are the two most cherished features of this proxy site of Movierulz. It has different categories to choose from and also it is updated on a regular basis. So, you do not have to wait up for the recently released Tamil movie anymore. You can also download from this site, and the quality of the movies is excellent as well. This site is absolutely free, and you will not need any prior registration process to stream movies online up on this site.

Other Best MovieRulz Proxy & Mirror Sites To Watch Free Tamil Movie Streaming Sites.

MovieRulz Proxy and Mirror Sites

1. Proxy for Movierulz

2. Access MovieRulz

3. Movierulz Mirror

4. Movierulz Proxy Mirror

5. Movierulz Fast Proxy

6. Movierulz IN Proxy

7.Movierulz Unblock

8. Unblock Movierulz Proxy

9. Movierulz Unblocked


11. Movierulz Proxy

12. Unblock Movierulz

13. Movierulz UK Proxy

14. Movierulz Mirror Site

15. Movierulz Alternative





20. Movierulz Proxy Fast






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So, Above are the list of MovieRulz free Tamil movie streaming sites. But, if you cannot run Movierulz website smoothly for your Tamil soul, do not worry at all! We have provided you with some of the best movieRulz mirror or proxy sites to stream Tamil movie online for free where you can satisfy your crave of watching free Tamil movies online or any other South Indian movies easily. Also, you can download free movies from these sites as well. Happy Watching

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