15 Best Free Mp3 Download Sites [Updated]

Best Free Mp3 Download Sites. It does not matter whether you are an audiophile or not; everyone needs a little bit music in their life. Without a cup of coffee and the beating sound on the headphone, a morning is always incomplete. But it is not possible to pay a dollar every time you download a song from the internet, is it?

In such way, you will be a bankrupt person within a year. So, how to download music from internet free of cost? The answer is easy, MP3 download sites.

Here, we are going to inform you about some best free MP3 download sites.

How To Use These Free Mp3 Download Sites?

If you are thinking these MP3 sites have a complicated system to process while downloading songs, you are over thinking it.

To use these MP3 sites, you do not even need to have a sign-in profile. All you have to do is to, search for the particular MP3 site from where you want to download the music and put the name of the song up on their search index. Hit the search button and download the song. No hassle and nothing to be afraid of viruses too.

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Free Mp3 Downloads Sites

15 Free MP3 Music Downloaders Sites

So, to help you out, we have listed out some of the best and latest free music sites to download songs; whether it is Hindi song or English, language does not matter. Let us have a look.

1. MP3Skull.to

While talking about the latest and the best MP3 download sites, we cannot miss MP3Skull.to. This is not only the most popular sites online, but this site can also provide you with all the songs that exist on the Earth. It has a great interface that keeps you updated about the latest releases. And the best thing is, you can download all these free of cost.

2. BeeMP3.net

Although it is quite a new Mp3 download site in this market, it is getting popular because of its incredible features. This site is very responsive, and it can also provide with every other music from Hollywood and Bollywood. Also, it has great user-friendly interface too. Just click on the song and download. It also has many other features too such as ‘What’s hot’ list etc.

3. MusicPeer.com

If you are into Hollywood music, MusicPeer.com is the best place to find your favourite music. From Eminem to Justin Timberlake, from Beatles to Coldplay, this site has everything in their storage corner. It has a great user-friendly surface along with fast download speed.

4. DjRaag.com

When the question comes about downloading Bollywood songs from the internet, DjRaag.com always wins the race. Not only Bollywood songs, it has songs from other Indian film industries too. Also, this site does not feature tons of advertisement on your way to download.

5. MP3juices.cc

Mp3juices is one of the best sites to download MP3 songs. The best part is that this website is linked to every famous music sources such as YouTube, VK, SoundCloud, etc. it has a great interface too from where you can easily search for music and download them without any hassle.

6. MP3Raid.ws

If you like to sort your songs out first, MP3Raid.ws is the perfect website for you. Along with a great user-friendly interface, this website has other great features too such as categorizing songs and music according to the genre and artists, etc. You can easily find international and other country songs.

7. MP3Fusion.net

A great organized site, MP3Fusion.net is one of the best sites to find a song without any hassle; even when the search index is not working. This website organizes songs based on their alphabets which makes the whole process of searching songs a lot easier.

8. MP3Box.to

Currently, this Mp3Box free music downloader site is the largest directory site on the internet. This site does not miss out on a single song that has been released. If you are searching for some recent, new-released songs, you will definitely get that on MP3Box.to.

9. Epitonic.com

Sleek and smooth, Epitonic.com provides their user with a great experience. Along with hassle-free music search experience, they provide well-organized and designed a website to the users. Also, you can create a playlist on this site by making your own profile. However, you can download music from this site at any time you want, without any sign-in profile.

10. SouncCloud.com

Lots of budding musicians use SoundCloud.com as their platform. It is one of the most popular sites for streaming songs online. However, recently this site is letting people downloading songs too. As SoundCloud.com has their own app, you do not have to stumble upon their websites.

11. Jamendo.com

If you are feeling low, Jamendo.com is there for you. From streaming the latest songs on planet Earth, Jamendo.com can also make up the mood of the user by its sleek and well-organized website. Although it is a new site, it has a great deal of old songs.

12. Last.fm

If you want your music fanatic out in public, Last.fm can be the perfect place for you. Not only you can stream and download songs for your personal time, but you can also actually build a profile and join a community on the Last.fm.

13. Daily.songza.com

Although it is not a site, you can find great music on this site. This is a blog where you are being kept informed about the latest music. It does not have a big collection but the way it is going ahead, it will have a big store soon.

14. Bingamp3.com

It is a new site that is extending its database. From old music to every other latest release, Bingamp3.com will not let you miss any song of your choice. It also has a great user-friendly interface too.

15. Freemusicarchieve.com

With a huge directory, Freemusicarchieve site is one of the famous sites on the internet. It not only lets you download songs, but it also lets you stream online first. With a smooth, user-friendly interface, you only have to hit the ‘download’ button to download any song.

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These are some of the best 15 latest MP3 sites to download music. With each day passing on, there appear news sites from where you can download music too. All you have to do is to choose. Happy Downloading!

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