15 Best Games Like RuneScape To Play Online Games 2019 [Updated]

Latest games like RuneScape 2019. If you look up for the most popular genre of the video games, MMORPG is the name that will come up first in the list.

And everyone knows that RuneScape is the best MMORPG game that exists if you sum up the whole world of online games, isn’t it?

The world of fantasy that RuneScape sew thread by thread is something you never want to miss.

Also, the multiplayer mode of RuneScape is another feature that attracts gamers like a moth to a flame. And it is not often that you can escape games like RuneScape because it is super addictive.

And if you want to find out more games like RuneScape which includes adventures, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to provide you with some of the best alternatives to the famous game RuneScape.

Although RuneScape is one of the best in this field, you cannot underestimate the others. Let us have a look.

15 Best Alternatives To Games Like RuneScape 2019

1. ArcheAge

ArcheAge games like RuneScape

ArcheAge is one of the best alternatives to RuneScape that provide a great environment of adventure. It tops in fleshed out experiences in MMO, this game provides you with a fantasy world with so many difficult levels. Also, you can choose different characters that are gender-based and customize your characters to give it a better personality. It has many other characters as well such as shipping, crafting, collecting resources etc.

2. Drakensand Online

Online games like RuneScape


This is another MMO game that is developed by Bigpoint. Drakensang is an online free game with the almost same features like RuneScape and it can be played from any browser. You can choose the environment you want to play in and you can choose different characters according to your mood as well. Mostly, it is a battle game where you have to fight the monsters to save your loved ones.

3. AdventureQuest World

Adventure Quest World games like RuneScape


Among the genre MMORPG, AdventureQuest World is the most popular games online. This game provides you with a multiplayer experience and you can taste different world just like RuneScape. It has many exploring options with different characters that will immerse you into the world of adventure totally. However, it is a browser-based game unlike other games.

4. Rift

rift games like RuneScape


Released in the year of 2011, Rift is the most popular game in the world of the fantasy world. At first, it was a subscription based game but it becomes all free in the year 2013. It is a fantasy world based MMORPG game that will completely make you a character in this game. Also, it is one of the popular rivals of the world of Warcraft as well.

5. Planet Calypso

Planet Calypso games like RuneScape


It is an excellent game which will never make you feel that you are in the virtual world. Along with amazing graphics and characters, this game its own real money which lets the players to profit from the same. Also, if you are searching for an alternative to RuneScape, it is probably the best alternative you can ever have.link

6. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft games like RuneScape


World of Warcraft is not exactly game like RuneScape but it is one of the most popular online games in the world. It excels at the area of MMO and strategy. It provides you with a fictional world of Azeroth where you can have variety of storylines to play with. Here, you can build your own base and army and play according to your strategy.

7. Neverwinter

Neverwinter games like RuneScape


This is another game that provides you with amazing graphics works. Although it is a single player game, this game is an excellent example of the genre MMORPG. If you love fast-paced combo battle games, Neverwinter is the best game that there is. Here, you can explore new cities and level up by defeating the battle monsters. Currently, this game has 8 classes available for the players.

8. Cabal Online

Cabal Online games like RuneScape


Cabal online is an excellent graphics game that is a suitable match for anyone who is searching for the alternative to RuneScape. The 3D graphics of this game is astounding. Mostly, it is a battle game that lets you explore different places and different cities. Not only that, but this game is also a combination of MMO and RPG rudiments.

9. Villagers and Heroes

Villagers and Heroes games like RuneScape

From the name itself, it is quite clear that this game is a hero game where you have to save the villagers. It is also known as the ‘Mystical Land’ and it is essentially an MMORPG game. It offers you different environment along with different warriors, different level wizards and priests. And if you like, you can customize the characters as well. link

10. Royal Quest

Royal Quest games like RuneScape


If you want a game where you can easily change the location, Royal Quest is the perfect choice for you. It provides you with an isometric view and other various features as well. Mostly, this game is about killing and defeating several scary monsters and levelling your game up. If you are an ardent fan of the game like RuneScape, you will surely love this game.

11. EverQuest 2

EverQuest 2 games like RuneScape


Another great fantasy game on the line, EverQuest 2 is the game where you can customize your characters and play in different environments. From adventures to exploring new cities and characters, this game is one of the best if you want to excel at strategy.

12. Koyotl

games like RuneScape


Developed by Upjers, this game is another treat for those who seek out the world of fantasy in their dreams. This is a role-playing game which also has the character of multiplayer. It is mostly a browser-based game where you can choose different characters for different level and you can customize them as well. The environment and the ambiance of the game is something out of the world. And if you are a big combat fan, you will surely like this game. Not only that, but this game also has depths in exploring quests and it can also provide you with other countless features as well. link

13. Mortal Online

Mortal online is the good alternative to a game like RuneScape. This is one such game that provides you with an open world where you can choose the character you want. This game provides no PvP environment; rather you can choose your own path in this amazing game. It provides you with a great environment and graphics. Although this is essentially a game of battle, player’s personal skills matter more than random moves. link

14. Wartune

Wartune games like RuneScape


If you want adventure, battle and role-playing under the same head, Wartune is the best alternative that is available instead of RuneScape. It is a free online game that can be played through any browser. It provides excellent graphic images along with different quests to play. This game will give you an excellent tour through the fantasy world’s dungeons.

15. Salem

salem games like RuneScape


Salem is a great MMO game which is essentially browser-based and it is absolutely free to play. Salem is excellent for those who want to explore through the virtual world. Not only that, but this game also wants your strategies to play quite cleverly. You can set up your own kingdom and territory to fight off the bad influences. It’s the best alternatives to a game like RuneScape.

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These are the 15 best alternatives to RuneScape and most of them are free of cost. If you have more list to add in these best games like RuneScape then please share with us. Have fun!

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