iPhone Won’t Turn On! Here’s The 4 Real Fix

It occasionally happens that your iPhone fails to turn on and you may be looking for help. This problem i.e. My iPhone won’t turn on or charge can be easy or tough based on the cause. By reading this article, you will be able to know the exact reason why your iPhone could not turn on and you will also know the methods to fix this issue.

Why Should We Care of Misinformation about why iPhones Won’t Turn On

For the iPhone not turning on, there are many solutions available but all of them are not effective. When you look for the solution to this problem online, you will find dozens of articles. These articles only have one piece of the puzzle or the information is incorrect.

Why Won’t My iPhone Turn On?

Your iPhone could not turn on because the software crashed and needs to be restored or reset. Also, the cause may be there is some hardware problem that prevents your iPhone from turning on. If you wish to know what to do if the iPhone won’t turn on, continue reading below section:

How to Fix An iPhone That Won’t Turn On?

Without wasting time, it is of utmost importance to know how to fix an iPhone that won’t turn on. You need to properly know whether your iPhone device failed to turn on due to hardware problem or software problem. Based on the cause, the solution becomes quite easy. It is known that your iPhone’s software is the simplest one to troubleshoot. Hence, you need to first begin the solution with software troubleshooting. Also, the latter part of the article highlights the hardware issues that cause this problem.

software crash

Software Crash

To get the answer of what to do if your iPhone won’t turn on, you need to first work on the cause due to software problem i.e. software crash.  In lots of Apple devices, this problem is seen. If somebody hand you an iPhone that is unable to turn on, you would do a hard reset and then the iPhone would turn on immediately. You need to perform a hard reset.

In order to carry out a hard reset your iPhone or on an iPhone 6S or some older models, you need to press and hold down a button i.e. the Sleep / Wake button (also known as the power button) and the Home button simultaneously. Make sure you press these buttons together for at least 20 seconds or until the logo of Apple shows up on the screen.

There is also a solution if you are using an iPhone 7 and some newer models. On such devices, you need to hold the power button and then press the volume down button. If you are using an iPhone 8 or newer version then for their hard reset, you need to immediately press and release the volume up button.

After that, you need to press and free the volume down button, after that press and hold the power button (in iPhone 8 and 8 Plus) or you can press the side button (in models like iPhone X, XS, and XR). This technique can be used if you are facing from iphone8 and 8 Plus won’t turn on issue. These discussed tricks can be followed if you are facing iPhone 6s won’t turn on or iPhone 7 won’t turn on the type of problem.

Why Phone Hard Reset Fix An iPhone That Won’t Turn On?

The side note i.e. why a hard reset can fix an iPhone not turning on the problem is important to know for how to fix an iPhone that won’t turn on.  If by performing a hard reset, this problem got fixed then your problem was actually never that your iPhone failed to turn on. This is because it was on the full time.

There are many people who think that their iPhone would not turn on while the device is on. However, the software gets crashed so it displays a black screen and so it fails to respond. It is an easy mistake to make, iPhone in that condition is almost difficult to differentiate from an iPhone that is turned off.

Fixing A Software Crash

It is important to fix a software crash if you want to solve why is my iPhone not turning on the issue. I am recommended to backup and restore the software of your iPhone. Whenever a software problem gets worse, it is time to fix that software.

Check Your iPhone Cable And Your Charger

iPhone won't turn on

If you are suffering from iPhone X, XS, and XRwont turn on the type of issues on these devices then it is vital to check your charger and lightning cable. If your iPhone fails to turn on then you need to charge your iPhone with a new cable or a new charger. Alternatively, you can charge somebody else’s iPhone using your cable and charger.

If you found that their iPhone charges and your device do not then skip to the next step. You can try charging your iPhone device using a USB port present on your computer. Also, you can use a wall charger to charge your iPhone from your laptop.

Make Sure It’s Not Just the Display

Make Sure It’s Not Just the Display:

When you find that your iPhone screen won’t turn on then there may be a problem with display incapable to turn on. For that, you need to plug your iPhone into your PC and then open iTunes. Check whether iTunes identifies your iPhone. If it does so then you need to back up your iPhone directly. In case you find a serious hardware issue then this may be your last chance in order to back up your data.

In case your iPhone is shown in iTunes and you could back it up, or if it starts making noise then you need to repair the display of your iPhone. If your iPhone device does not reflect in the iTunes then you need to perform a reset when your iPhone is connected to your desktop. Check whether you find any error messages.

In case your iTunes mention that you have to restore your iPhone then go for it. When all such techniques do not work, you can go for iPhone data recovery companies from Google search.

Check for Physical or Liquid Damage

There are many Apple users who have dropped your iPhones. For those people whose iPhone stopped working, it is required to check for physical or liquid damage. The issues of drops and spills could lead to damage that stops your iPhone from turning on.

You can carry out a visual inspection of the exterior of your iPhone to see if there is any damage or not. If the damage is minor, Apple can ignore it and can replace your device under warranty.

The next thing to do is to check for the liquid damage. It is important to know that your iPhone’s warranty does not include liquid damage unless you have AppleCare+.

When An iPhone Won’t Turn On: Repair Options

If your iPhone device falls under warranty and if there is no liquid or physical damage then Apple will include the repair free of cost. But if your device is not under warranty then it can be expensive but there are some alternatives like puls. You can consider different repair options that benefit repairing at your desired location and fix the problem in a few minutes.

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After learning about all these techniques, you now know what to do if my iPhone died and won’t turn back on.  The above sections have clearly highlighted the reasons for such problems and possible solutions.

FAQ: iPhone Won’t Turn On

You can connect your dead iPhone to a wall charger and allow it to charge for a few minutes. Give it 15 minutes to charge. If its battery is fully dead, you cannot plug it in and it will not respond immediately. Make sure you provide a few minutes to charge and it must turn on itself. By doing this, it would fix your device if the battery is fully drained.

The best idea to revive your dead iPhone is to charge the fully dead battery for a few minutes. It may be possible that its battery runs off or iPhone may shut down on its own because of the cold environment. Therefore, you must keep your device working in the charging mode for a few minutes.

In case it shows up the charging screen then the issue is not a bigger one. After that, you can restart the dead iPhone or can hard reset your dead iPhone. Also, you can restore the dead iPhone to the factory settings.

For this problem, there are certain reasons. One of them is its battery needs to be charged. The next reason is the software has crashed and it made the screen turn black and unresponsive. Also, your iPhone may have hardware issues like a faulty or old battery.

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