Download PaintTool Sai 1.2.5 for PC Windows 10, 8 and 7

Now anyone can become a real free-hand drawing artist directly from their Windows computer or even the graphics tablet. The special appreciation for the same goes to the great tools incorporated inside the PaintTool sai free software. When you go for the paintTool sai download, you will be able to unleash your creativity in a new way. Take a look at the details of this software, its features, benefits, and pros & cons.

What is paintTool sai?

The PaintTool sai 1.2.5 software comprises of the fundamental tools that you may expect to find in a paint program. Names of such tools include a paintbrush, airbrushes, pencils, an eraser, and watercolors. It is quite easy to zoom, rotate, flip; you can alter the colors, hue and saturation. When you go for the Painttool sai free download, you will experience how easy-to-use the program is. You may operate it on computers and other devices that possess Windows, so you could explore the artistic talents inside you. It is possible to carry out the digital enhancement and drawing software through which you could effortlessly perform all kinds of creations.

PaintTool sai features

There are many basic and advanced features included in this tool. Using the free paintTool sai, you could accomplish certain basic functionality along with few image enhancement tools. Also, there are many useful features in paintTool sai 1.2.5 free that can be used for personal and professional uses. Listed below are its features:

  • Many different types of drawing tools are included like watercolors, pens and pencils, and drafts.
  • Its intuitive interface is specifically adapted to beginners; however, it is also complete for the advanced users.
  • Since the instruments are customizable, any users can effortlessly adapt them to their requirements.
  • It is seamlessly compatible with several types of formats like sai, bmp, psd, png, jpg, and tga.
  • You may use it using mouse and keyboard or via a graphics tablet.
  • The stabilizer is available to calibrate sketches and enhance their fluidity.
  • It comes with the anti-aliased drawings and full digitizer support.
  • You can view mini versions of drawings.

PaintTool sai benefits

The PaintTool SAI tool consists of all the fundamental tools that people usually expect to get inside a paint program. For instance, when you download paintTool sai, you are able to use the tools like airbrushes, watercolors, paintbrushes, erasers, and pencils. It is this application that makes use of flip, zoom, and rotate. If needed, it is possible to change the hue and saturation of images. Furthermore, the PaintTool SAI tool also possesses certain advanced features like canvases and layers.

There are few cools effects included to play around with too. You will be certainly benefitted with the simple interface and navigation. Due to its simple interface, it is easy to grasp all the features of the paint program. Besides, the corresponding simple interface is plain and proves to be easy to use. The paintTool sai full free possesses a coloring tool which enables the users to toggle amidst color appearances. Such users could effortlessly alter saturation levels for a certain color. In this way, they get comprehensive freedom to select ways to make their artwork colorful. By just doing adjustments to a color’s luminescence, you can instantly view the darkness or per color. It is this coloring feature that serves the users with the power to create creative artworks.

In the paintTool sai download free, you will get to use the layer tools enabling the users to discard certain portions of an illustration. While doing that, there is no need t concern about erasing other areas. Moreover, they too have the option to shift portions of a drawing or blend diverse drawings in a single page.

Download Paint Tool Sai 1.2.5 for PC WindowsDownload Paint Tool Sai 1.2.5 for PC Windowsdownload Paint Tool Sai 1.2.5 for PC Windows

PaintTool Sai Technical specifications

Filename sai-1.2.5-ful-en.exe
File size 2.36MB (2,470,571 bytes)
System Requirements Windows (All Versions)
Languages supported Multiple languages
License Commercial Trial
Date added August 24, 2016
Author Systemax
MD5 Checksum 849B1BBDED4EEB0EFB84C13D210F3716

PaintTool Sai Pricing

The PaintTool SAI tool is made available in total of 2 plans. You can go for the free trial or can go for the Enterprise License charging at $50.81.

PaintTool Sai Pros and Cons


  • The paintTool sai windows 10 are easily compatible with Windows 10 and most OS of Windows.
  • It comes with a portable version which is available free.
  • You can unleash your creativity in many new ways without any compromise in the picture quality.


  • The overall layout may confuse some users since it appears cluttered.
  • It works excellently on a graphics tablet but not on a computer. The included pent tool is not much efficient.

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The PaintTool sai 1.2.5 comes with a simple interface; it is easy to use and has many beneficial features. So, you can explore your artistic talents in many new ways.

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