30+ Apps To Download Free Music For Your Android Phone

Best apps to download free music. It does not matter how much you are busy with your work life or personal life; music always provides the perfect companionship.

And for audiophiles, music is like their daily dose of morning coffee. And with the era of Android phones, it has become easier to store music of our taste in our phones.

However, it is not always easy to download them from the internet because most of the sites on the internet need money to download your favorite track.

But, you don’t have to worry anymore because we have listed out the best music downloader for android in this article. Let us follow up.

Best Apps To Download Free Music

30 Free Music Downloader Apps To Download Free Music

Now, in every aspect of Smartphone, only apps talk. You can literally find apps for everything; whether you want to recharge your phone or watch your favorite movies, apps are always available.

Thus, it is quite normal that there are lots of apps to download free music as well. However, in this article, we are going to narrate the 30 best apps one can use to download music from. Have a look.

  1. Gaana.com

This is one of the best and the oldest apps in existence. It has 11 lakh users with a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play store. Developed by Times Group, Ganna.com has mp3 music of all regional languages. Another great advantage of Ganna.com is that it has an in-built media player to stream the song online before you can download it.

  1. Hungama Music App

From Tamil, Telegu to Bollywood and Hollywood, Hungama music app can provide you with every genre of music. This is a versatile app that has the additional feature of downloading video songs as well. Most of the features of this app are free, but some of the features are not. However, the paid features are not mandatory; you can choose them on your own.

  1. Google Play Music

This is one of the best options for every android user. Almost all the Android Smartphone has Google Play Music, and all you have to do is to stream the songs online. It is not absolutely free, but you can download songs from some other source and stream them into Google Play music. Currently, it has 10 billion users.

  1. Wynk Music App

Wynk music app is one of the greatest and the best music app for those who are looking for a best free music download app. Although Wynk is not absolutely free music app, they provide a free trial for one month per user. It has more than 10 million users currently with a rating of 4.2. Also, this app provides six months of free subscription for Airtel users.

  1. Jio Music App

With a rating of 4.5 by over 10 million people, Jio Music App is completely free, and it can provide you with every other music you are seeking. The only one disadvantage of this app is that it can only be used by Jio users.

  1. SuperCloud Song Mp3 Downloader

Another great app to download mp3 of your taste, SuperCloud is currently one of the best apps to download music from any genre. Although it is not available on Google Play store, that did not reduce its popularity. It has a great friendly user interface, and you can easily find out the song you want by putting up the name on the search bar.

  1. Soundcloud App

With more than 100 million users and 4.3 rating on Google Play Store, Soundcloud App is the best app for downloading songs without any kind of hassle. It has a friendly user interface, and you do not need to pay a dime for this app. From international songs to many Bollywood songs, Soundcloud can provide you with any song.

  1. Music Paradise Pro

This app provides you with a search engine from where you can easily download any music, short clips or videos you like. It has a great user interface to deal with. Although this app might annoy you a little with pop-up ads, it can be great when you are download songs of high-quality.

  1. Deezer App

It is one of the best music apps to listen to your favorite songs after SoundCloud. It has high-quality songs on, and it provides you with an online streaming of songs as well. You can find every regional language’s music on this app without any hassle.

  1. Rockmyrun App

Although it is not a very popular music app to helps you with downloading songs of Bollywood and Hollywood genre, it is of great use if you are looking for workout songs or any other song to calm your mind. It is absolutely free, and it lets you download any music you like. However, it has some features which are not free, and you have to pay a certain amount in order to get access.

  1. 4Shared app

4Shared is not a music downloader app; rather it has many videos and other audio clips along with the music. It has a great user-friendly interface, and you can easily search music on the search engine provided by this app. With a 100 million users, it has more than 4.3 rating on Google Play Store.

  1. Bit Torrent

Another great place to update your life with fresh music and your favorite songs is Bit Torrent. With a rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store, this app can provide you with every other song you have ever craved for. It is user-friendly and absolutely free.

  1. Audiomack App

If you are after one of the most trending music apps, Audiomack will provide you with the perfect solution. From Bollywood to Hollywood, you can find any music on Audiomack. It has different types of the genre available, and it has an inbuilt music player too. It has a rating of 4.2 on Google Play Store.

  1. SONGily App

If you are a big fan of internationally recognized songs, SONGily is the app for you. With a rating of 4.3 on Google Play Store, this app has thousands of songs in its storage. You can also convert video files to music file with the help of this app.

  1. Skull Mp3 Download

This is one of the best apps to get every international song on your mobile playlist. It is a search engine where you can easily search for songs and download it without any hassle. Also, in this app, you can stream the song first before downloading it.

  1. Copyleft MP3 downloader

Copyleft Mp3 downloader is a trending app that lets you download songs directly in your phone. It is undoubtedly the best app you can ever find. You can find any file of music, album, and artist by just putting up the name on the search engine. However, this app is not available on Google Play store and you have to download it from other sources.

  1. Napster

For Android users, Napster is one of the best apps. It has more than 40 million tracks up on their sleeves and you can download them without any kind of hassle. You will not find any unnecessary pop-up ads. This app also has music match provision where you can find the kind of music you like. This app is available in 34 countries right now.

  1. Music Download Elite

Although this app might crash, it is a hassle-free app to get the music file you are craving for long. The collection of music of this app is pretty impressive and it has friendly user-interface. It is a best-suited app for your android phone. Also, this app many collections of unlikely songs.

  1. Free Mp3 Downloads

If you are looking for a music app with a simple interface, Free Mp3 Downloads is the best choice for you. It is a one-click app with a user-friendly interface. It is easy to use and all you have to do is to search the music name or the artist name. You may not find many commercial songs on this app, but it is perfect for international songs.

  1. Radio Player

This app is not exactly a music downloader app but it is a great app to listen to your favorite songs. This app has more than 10 thousands radio station from where you can easily record the song you like. It is free and it is easy to use too. Once it is recorded on your phone, you can simply play it without any hassle.

  1. Pep Mp3 Downloader

Created by XDA developer for Android users, this app is one of the famous apps to download international songs. Due to some copyright problem, this app is not in Google Play store. But you can easily download the APK file from internet. It has a great user interface.

  1. iTube Music

It is one of the most downloaded apps of the Google Play Store. With a rating of 4.3, this app can perfectly stream any music you choose up there. It has more than 10 million users and it has a great user interface. It has a huge database. Although this app can only be operated in android version of 4.1 and higher, it is one of the best choices for Android users.

  1. Omega Mp3 downloader

Whether you want to listen to music or download it, this Omega Mp3 downloader is the best app. It has a great interface where you can stream songs and music in the background without actually downloading it. The only problem with this app is that it has a small database.

  1. Simple Mp3 Downloader

With a very clean user interface, this app can be called a clone of Music Paradise pro. It has a pretty impressive database where you can easily find the perfect track your ears want to listen. Also, you can have a wish list with the help of this app as well.

  1. SoundLoad

This is not exactly an app for downloading songs. With the help of this android phone app, you can easily search for songs. The search engine of this app can provide you with many results that include both paid and free download links.

  1. Music Maniac Pro

This is another great app with a good database. You can search by the song name or the artist name as well. But this app shows too much of ads.

  1. Mp3 music download

It is a beautiful app with a great user interface. It has many exciting features as well such as background downloading service, ring maker etc. Also, you can download multiple files with the help of this app.

  1. Advanced download manager

This is yet another great music downloader app with a clean user interface. It has a medium sized database that provides free downloading of songs.

  1. Tunee

Although recently it has been removed from the Google play store, it has a pretty impressive database. It has a clean user interface too.

  1. Songflip

This is a perfect app to download free music. It has a clean user interface and it has a good database too. You can easily download music for free from this app.

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All these apps are the top 30 best music download apps, and you have to choose the one according to your choice and purpose. Happy Downloading!

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