30 Best Websites To Watch TV Series Online For Free in HD [Full Episodes]

Websites to watch TV series online. Busy with your work or away from your television set? Missing out on your favourite tv shows? An end to all your problems and you’re dismay over here. A single touch on your mobile phone or laptop or tablet can change your life.

Now you can watch your favourite tv series online absolutely free of cost. Tv shows and serials are something that has become an integrated part of our life nowadays. Popular tv shows like Game of Thrones, Arrow and many others are followed by people all around the globe. Now you can catch up with these series online anywhere and everywhere.

Now the question is ” Is there a website in which I can watch tv shows for free?

The answer is YES. But the thing is how do we find such websites? There are two kinds of websites. One is in which you can register then pay and watch the shows and series. Websites like Netflix, Amazon prime videos offer such services. Such websites are very reliable providing you with high-quality videos and offers you a great range of choices in several languages.

But the problem with these websites is that the monthly subscription rate in very high and many people are not willing to spend so much.

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So people search for free tv streaming websites where they can watch their favorite series for free. Now the thing is how do we find such websites? Because many free websites are fake and corrupt and instead of showing you your favorite shows fill you.With useless advertisements.

Some websites contain viruses and bugs that often damage your device and even crash your hardware. So finding the correct website is very important. And today I m going to help you to find the best website for watching your favorite tv series online.

Websites To Watch TV Series Online

Best 30 Websites To Watch TV Series Online For Free [Full Episodes]


It a great alternative for your television set and you can watch your favourite tv series online. You just need to create a free account and once it is done just click on the tv tab in the menu list and enjoy your favourite episode and show.

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It is absolutely free and doesn’t even need a free account or registration. One can open the website and just start watching their favorite show. It is a great alternative to the online television world and it operates legally with a proper license agreement.

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It is one of the recent websites that came into functioning in August 2016. It is partnered with the old online tv website Hulu. It is a great place for watching old tv shows that you had missed out on. Anyone in the USA can use it for watching the latest five episodes on popular channels for eight days after they had aired.

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It is one of the popular websites in which u can watch movies and documentaries along with popular tv shows. This website even offers you to watch old tv shows that had aired an early as the 90’s. So if you feel nostalgic about your childhood shows, this is the perfect place.

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It is a website that functions as an online tv show search engine. Once you select a particular tv show this website guides you to a new page where you can watch the show on a third party platform.

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It is another online tv show search engine that proudly claims that it has all tv shows that one can possibly think of. By pressing on the free streaming option, one can search their favorite shows and watch all episodes up to the latest episode.

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It is a website that points you in the direction of third party hosts where you can view your favourite tv series absolutely free. Full episodes along with past episodes are available here.


The most popular video streaming website used by all internet users throughout the world. Movies, videos, songs, latest tv shows, and sports events are available over here. Shows from all genre and languages can be found here absolutely free.

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It is known to be Netflix one of the prime competitors as it offers high-quality fast streaming tv shows. But unlike Netflix, it is not paid. But very few people know that it is very similar to torrent and nearly all its contents are pirated.

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It is one of the most popular websites used by people from the UK. It offers you 95 channels for free that can be watched on any device. News, sports, movies and tv shows are available over here. And if anyone wants they can subscribe and upgrade their account to get 30 premium channels for a minimal monthly payment.

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It is another website that provides you streaming service that enables users to watch online shows for free. It mainly targets US military service members and American citizens living abroad. Users can sign up for free and there’s no condition for watching the shows.

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A very good website to watch your favorite tv shows and series absolutely free. Great HD quality videos and nearly all popular tv series are available over here.

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It is one of the finest websites for series lovers. Be it the latest season of Game of Thrones or Greys Anatomy this website has it. This website has a separate catalog for series and one can watch their favorite series without much searching and hard work.

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Other than watching shows online this website offers you to even download your favorite episode and keep it from watching it later. The simple downloading procedure has made people love this website and it has become so popular.

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You can watch high video quality tv series and even download it for later. But the specialty of this website is that it is free of any annoying advertisements that keep popping up in the middle of the show.

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It is one of the largest website offering you one of the best libraries with a great choice of videos. But the only problem is that this website doesn’t offer you live streaming. Instead, you need to download the entire episode and watch it offline.

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Providing you with a huge range of shows and movies this website is great for its stock of works. This website even has the option of choosing your country and once you select it provides you with the popular tv shows of that country.

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This website holds classic works and is ideal for people who love classics. It is not a website strictly for tv shows as it contains movies and other works. Modern-day amateurs are not particularly fond of this site as it lacks modern day works.

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It is one of the best movie download website and a perfect place for watching full-length series. Movies and shows from various genres are available over here. You can watch the shows both online or after downloading.

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It is one of the most popular websites that people use nowadays. It has gained tremendous popularity in India. Movies, tv shows and even live sports events are available over here. Most match video clips, interview of players and game review are found here. Today’s youth use Hotstar app on their mobile phones and that acts like a free television set for them. It even offers premium subscription for a minimal charge and after that HD tv channels and movies can be watched on hotstar.

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Registration free website for watching your favourite tv shows and series. No banners and advertisements to irritate you when you are watching your favourite show. The video quality is so good no one can tell that its free and not premium subscription.


Registration free of cost is needed for accessing this website. Once it is done you can do online streaming and watch your favourite shows. You can even download your favourite shows

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Popular and trending shows and series waiting for you over here. No login is required. Just open the website and enjoy your favourite show.

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All popular shows are available here. No account is needed and you can watch online your favourite shows. The website even keeps you posted on latest episodes of the series that u had previously watched.

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Favourite place for any Indian serial lover as all popular Indian shows is available over here. Indian online web series has gained a lot of popularity nowadays and this website is the perfect place for watching it.

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One of the popular websites in which u can watch your favorite television serials absolutely free.

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It offers services both free and premium. Online tv shows are available for both members. And by payment of a monthly fee a member can become a premium member and can access premium channels and facilities like movies on demand.


It functions as a tv series search engine as it gives you the link where you can find your favorite shows and on pressing the link a new tab opens and u can watch the shows directly over there.

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A very good website to watch your favorite tv shows and series absolutely free. Great HD quality videos and nearly all popular tv series are available over here.

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With the introduction of Jio services in India, Jio Tv has gained immense popularity. An app that provides you with the facilities of a television and shows over 500 channels in over 20 languages with various genres. Popular tv shows, live sports events, live movies and HD channels can be watched over here free of cost. Even old episodes from popular series can be watched over here.

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These all are the best websites to watch TV series online for free with full episodes. In this list, you will also find out some websites that offer small fees to watch HD quality TV series. Always try free trial first, if satisfied then go for membership. So, hope you like this free TV streaming sites.

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